Sophie: 42 Years Later And Still Together, The Love Story Of Fred Obachi And His Beautiful Wife

The rate at which marriages are breaking up at the slightest provocation has been a concern in the country. Celebrated Kenyan radio presenter Fred Obachi Machoka is proving that the embers of love don’t have to die with the passage of time. 

Fred and his wife Sophie have been married for 40 plus years. They celebrated their 40 anniversary in 2019 in style. 

Sophie: The Love Story Of Fred Obachi To Beautiful Wife 42 Years Later

The couple renewed their wedding vows at their Isinya ranch with big names attending the auspicious event. Famously known as the blackest man in black Africa, the radio presenter has managed to keep his family largely intact amidst the fame that comes with his profession. 

A message from Fred Obachi read:

“Some people say that love at first sight doesn’t last, don’t believe them! I met a young beautiful girl in the 20th century and we fell in love instantly, now in the 21st century we are still as tight if not tighter! What does that say… at first sight can last for centuries Mungu akipenda. Happy Birthday my love…I don’t know much but I know I love you”

Sophie: The Love Story Of Fred Obachi To Beautiful Wife 42 Years Later

Hating the fame

In a past interview, the radio presenter revealed that his wife hated the fame but learnt to live with it with time.

“For instance, there will be times when my wife and I are out on a date and our peace is disrupted by enthusiastic fans demanding my attention. This really bothered her in her younger days but now she is okay with it,” explained Fred.

Sophie: The Love Story Of Fred Obachi To Beautiful Wife 42 Years Later


They have four grown up children. As reported elsewhere in this blog, they had two grandchildren as of 2017. This may have changed with the passage of time. 

Running College

The family is close knit and their son, Victor Keari Machoka, is charged with running Fred’s Ranch School Of Hospitality. The hotelier by profession is the managing director of the institution that offers hospitality related courses.