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Spencer Sankale’s Troubled Days, Maasai Mara Sacking & New Job

Spencer Sankale rose to the limelight after he exposed alleged corrupt dealings at the Maasai Mara University.

The former senior accountant blew the whistle on a scheme employed by Vice Chancellor Mary Walingo to swindle over Ksh177 million from the university.

Troubled Days

After the Mara Heist expose’ aired by Citizen TV, Sankale is a hero to others, and a villain to some.

In August 2020, he conceded his life had changed.

Sankale decried alienation by his fellow colleagues who turned on him for exposing the institution. Some he says, threatened his life.

“Things have turned out to the worst level possible. I became the black sheep at work and things are not well,” Sankale said.

Spencer Sankale's Troubled Days, Maasai Mara Sacking & New Job
File image of Spencer Sankale. |Courtesy| Citizen TV|


Maasai Mara University relieved Sankale from his duties as senior accounting officer.

Through a notice dated June 17, 2021, Council chairman Kennedy ole Kerei announced Sankale’s sacking. This is after disciplinary hearing on June 16, 2020.

The institution accused Sankale of nine charges. They include: incitement of the university staff and the public against the University, sustained insolence against the institution and malicious misrepresentation of his employer.

Other charges included libel and defamation and falsely portraying the image and reputation of the university.

Insubordination and failure to act in the best interest of the university, subverting the university standard and procedure, and cyberbullying are among some of the charges.

“Due to the aforementioned, the Council resolved to summarily terminate your employment with the university with immediate effect, in accordance with section 44 (4)(d)(g) of the Employment Act.

“Note that you shall be paid a one month’s salary in lieu of notice,” the statement reads in part.

New International Job

Days after his sacking, Sankale landed a new role at African Parliamentarian’s Network Against Corruption (APNAC) as an associate member.

APNAC’s Chair Shakeel Shabbir made the announcement during the Whistleblowers Day on June 23, 2021.

APNAC History

It was formed in 1999 in Kampala, Uganda. It aims to coordinate, involve and strengthen the capacities of African parliamentarians to fight corruption and promote good governance.

APNAC has promoted accountability, transparency, and public participation in the processes of government, as the best ways to control corruption.

APNAC’s Strategy & Vision

The organisation ensures that African governments implement strategic policies and procedures that are designed to promote good governance.

APNAC is an advocate for diligent implementation of policies and laws by public servants to prohibit or limit activities and relationships that diminish the quality of governance.

It encourage members of a local community to freely communicate their concerns about corrupt, unethical or questionable practices by public servants, public officers and public institutions or private sector actors, without fear of reprisal.

APNAC urges that institutions comply with all relevant laws and codes of conduct, and communicate with its members and other relevant stakeholders openly and promptly.