Teacher Wanjiku Biography, Real Name, Comedy, Ambassador and Family

Teacher Wanjiku Biography, Real Name, Comedy, Ambassador and Family
Teacher Wanjiku Is A Veteran Female Comedian In Kenya Photo/Courtesy

By Prudence Minayo

Teacher Wanjiku is a character created and played by the ever fresh comedienne Caroline Wanjiku. For a long time, Kenyan comedy was a male dominated affair. Wanjiku came on board and changed this script. When history books of comedy are written, she will go down as a pioneer in stand up comedy who opened the door for many female acts in the country. The “Teacher Wanjiku” character became larger than life. In her element, she dresses like a clown; big eye glasses, dotted clothes with a language heavily influenced by her mother tongue. People could not help but fall in love with the character right from the beginning.  Every piece is different and unique from the other. The highlight of her career is when the president called her to perform at “Kenya at 50” ceremony. The response from the crowd when she was called to perform was heartwarming.


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Most people think she started comedy at Churchill but that is not the case. The character began way back in 2007 during a heartstrings play named 43rd Kenyan tribe. She received so many encouraging and positive reviews and went in to work on other plays, including set book plays.

The biggest comedy career breakthrough came when she debuted on the biggest comedy show in Kenya, Churchill show. Kenyan audiences were captivated by her act and her video received over 200k views within a short while. 

In 2014, the entertainer left Churchill. People speculated a lot on this move some saying she lost relevance or they had a fall out. The sassy comedian, however, says she left because her one year contract was over and she did not want to renew it. In an interview posted by Kiss FM on 24th October 2015, she reveals the reason for leaving Churchill Show:

“I have been asked this question so many times. I was only supposed to do the show for a year, because I joined the show in 2013 in February and it was supposed to end in December 2013. So, when the contract ended, I didn’t want to continue, but the decision was thought of when I joined because we had said it was supposed to be like that, even Churchill knew it.

When I left, people didn’t really accept it because I kinda admit I left prematurely. It’s not easy to do what I did, you know, because I had already made a home for myself there, and then the name became so big, so people have different things to say, as to why I left the show. Some said, oh, I got money so I left, I have pride now, so I didn’t want to listen, but that’s not the case.

The reason why we did that, is because there’s a danger with comedians being in one place for a very long time. If I would have stayed in Churchill does it mean I wouldn’t bore people? So what would happen is such a case. After the show, we were supposed to do other projects outside Churchill show, which we are also working on, now that I’m back after the baby. And people are expecting a lot of negative things as to why I left the show, which is sad,” said the comedian

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Caroline made an appearance on Citizen TV in 2014, with her own show “Teacher Wanjiku.” 5 minutes after the show started it was stopped and scraped off TV due to production standards. In a fun filled interview with Isaya Evans, a YouTuber, Wanjiku reveals this was one of the most low moments in the industry:

“ …..When I did that show thing at Citizen when the show was cancelled after 5 minutes of airing. It was actually the shortest…….It was the shortest program that has ever been seen duniani kote (the whole world)….it is only me and another guy in the US whose show was cancelled. We are in the Guinness book of records…….That was a very low low moment for me  but it is what it is….” Caroline revealed

After the cancellation of the show, Teacher Wanjiku took a break. She decided to focus on getting big on social media and came back with a one man comedy show dubbed “ The 11th Commandment” at the National theatre. The show was a success. 

Brand Ambassador

The celebrated female comedian has worked as a brand ambassador for a number of brands. These are:

  1. Airtel money​ as the face of 2 Bob for all networks campaign.
  2. Unilivers Blue Band
  3. USAID
  4. Honda
  5. National Bank
  6. Bata
  7. Dettol ambassador after former prominent ambassadors, like, Lulu Hassan, Julie Gichuru and Patience Ozokwor.

The witty lass has also worked in the office of the president, Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB) educating children about their sexuality, USAID promoting police reforms, Nation Media Group as a QFM radio presenter and Theirworld film campaign. The Theirworld campaign was to show the importance of early childhood development. The campaign featured other notable names like, Wendy Liebman, Rainn Wilson, Nish Kumar, Jackie John, Shappi Korsandi and Matt Lucas.


Teacher Wanjiku is born in a family of six.

She is also married to her manager Victor Ber. They got married in 2014 in a private ceremony at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, University way. Among the invited guests were top Kenyan comedians, such as ,Churchill and Karis.

Caroline Wanjiku is blessed with two wonderful children.

Summary of notable shows graced by Wanjiku


  • The 11 commandments
  • Churchill show
  • The only like that works
  • Teacher Wanjiku
  • My advice is
  • Girls are also funny



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