Ten Interesting Facts About Raila Jr 

Ten Interesting Facts About Raila Jr 
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Raila Odinga Jr is a man of contradiction. The scion of ODM leader Raila Odinga, is known for being fiercely independent. He will defend his father and at times contradict with his old man’s political position. All in all, He is a likeable character who on face value looks too soft for the muddy Kenyan politics. Here are the ten interesting facts about Raila Jr. 

He was born in 1979. 

Raila’s last born son suffered from a noncancerous tumor at the back of his brain in 1985 that affected his nervous system

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He first met his father when he was ten years old. Raila was in detention for his alleged role in the botched 1982 coup attempt. 

Raila Jr supports Arsenal FC like his father. 

He has a BA Hon’s in Accounting and Finance from the University of Wales in 2002 and he got an MSc Finance from the University of Leeds 2004. 

Raila Jr’s first job was as an accountant. He earned kes10,000 per month. 

He is the CEO of Creative Hub where he also doubles as the executive producer. 

The Arsenal fan is married to Yvonne Wambui. 

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His wife had trouble conceiving for the first four years into their marriage. 

He supports the cultivation of medical marijuana. His tweet on the same reads: “Legalise, regulate, tax and grow the Economy…”

Here is a link to Raila Odinga Jr Full Bio.

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