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The Cutest TV Couples In Kenya

The Kenyan entertainment industry boasts a plethora of great television programmes some of which have aired for decades, producing some of the most revered actors and actresses in the country and the region. These TV shows range from sitcoms, telenovelas, drama, action and thrillers, among others.

As it is the norm around the world, a majority of Kenyan actors have come to be known by their most prominent roles on TV. Some of them, have been associated by relationship to the characters they played and with whom they executed the roles.

In this article, WoK profiles the cutest television couples that the viewers would not mind if they were real.

Sue na Jonnie – Catherine Kamau & Martin Githinji 

The sitcom featured on Showmax and Maisha Magic East. The two main characters, Martin Githinji who plays Jonnie and Catherine Kamau (Sue) are among the best actors in the country. The sitcom couple also is part of the cutest TV couples among local programmes.

The sitcom revolves around two people who live double lives and get up to all sorts of shenanigans – and will do anything to keep it a secret.

Varshita – Maqbul Mohammed & Eve D’souza 

This fun romantic comedy stars Eve D’souza and Maqbul Mohammed as a young couple from completely different backgrounds. D’souza is arguably one of the most beautiful Kenyan actresses, whereas Maqbul is tall, good looking and a veteran of the industry.

The two make one of the cutest TV couples in Kenya entertainment scene.

Selina – Celestine Gachuhi & Pascal Tokodi

Pascal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi are the main characters in the telenovela. In the show, Tokodi plays Nelson whereas Gachuhi plays Selina. For the length of the show, the two became a darling of the audience, and ranked one of the best TV couples.

In the telenovela, Selina, in pursuit of evidence to prove her innocence, has no option but to go an extra mile. It is a bumpy ride as she finds herself in between love and her quest.

Kina – Jimmy Gathu & Snaipei Tande

Veteran media personalities Jimmy Gathu and Sanaipei Tande make up a beautiful couple in Showmax drama series, Kina. In the show, Gathu plays Fred Tandal whereas Sanaipei plays the antagonist, Nana.

Kina is the story of an abandoned girl seeking justice for the murder of the man she thought was her father, while falling under the dangerous spell of a woman she doesn’t yet know is her mother.

Maria – Yasmin Said & Brian Ogana

Maria which aired on Citizen TV became one of the most followed television shows in Kenyan entertainment history. The show was a fan favourite among men and women from all age demographics. In the drama series, the two main characters, Brian Ogana who plays Luwi Hausa, and Yasmin Said who plays Maria.

The tv couple appealed to the audience and struck out as one of the cutest.

Maria, a romantic television drama series, premiered on 10 October 2019, and the last episode aired on 18 March 2021 after 374 episodes.