‘The Mus Shop’: Inside Colonel Mustafa’s Well Stocked Clothes And Sneakers Store

Daudi Mustapha, popularly known as Colonel Mustafa, gained fame as part of the musical duo Deux Vultures, alongside Nasty Thomas. His story started unfolding when a video went viral, capturing him looking frail as he diligently worked at a construction site.

The once shinning artist went on to share how life had taken its toll on him due to the medical pressures faced by his ailing mother. Since then, he has received overwhelming support from Kenyans. 

In this article, WoK checks in on what Mustafa is upto as we delve into his venture, ‘The Mus Shop’, a clothing and sneakers shop.

The Mus Shop

In the busy and vibrant neighbourhood of Chokaa, near the St. Michaels stage, adjacent to the Hurlingham police post in Utawala, is where Colonel Mustafa has is now famous store.  ‘Mus’ is the short form of his name Mustafa. 

Barely a week since its inauguration, Mustafa’s store has already become a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts and has captured the attention of trendsetters far and wide. 

What is on the Shelves?

In a remarkable turn of events, The Mus Shop has swiftly become a coveted destination for fashion enthusiasts. The shop offers an array of trendy items, with cargo pants and ski masks emerging as the hottest selling products flying off the shelves.

The shop also stocks a variety of jackets for the cold season in Nairobi.

Expansion Plans 

Following the overwhelming response from fans and Kenyans, Mustafa’s dreams of expansion are taking shape, with plans to establish branches not only in Nairobi but also in Limuru, Nakuru, and other regions that experience cooler climates, catering to the insatiable demand for jackets.

Overwhelming Support

Kenyans have rallied behind Colonel Mustafa and commend his bravery in taking on what may seem like an unconventional job, demonstrating their support and belief in his entrepreneurial journey.

However, some have ridiculed him as a fallen star and dismissively refer to him as “omba omba,” a term used to describe beggars.

Undeterred by such comments, Mustafa remains focused on his goals, determined to prove his critics wrong.

‘The Mus Shop’: Inside Colonel Mustafa's Well Stocked Clothes And Sneakers Store

A Personal Battle And Resolve Behind Mus Shop

While striving to build his business, Colonel Mustafa carries the weight of his mother’s illness on his shoulders.

His mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and Mustafa is deeply committed to her recovery.

Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic as his mother’s condition gradually improves, although she experiences setbacks after each chemotherapy session.

Balancing Work and Personal Commitments

Although Colonel Mustafa has received promising job offers, he has no intention of closing down The Mus Shop.

He acknowledges the support from fellow Kenyans and plans to expand his business, aiming to establish at least five shop outlets in the near future.

With a focus on stocking jackets for the cold season, Mustafa aims to cater to the diverse fashion needs of his customers.

Thank You Kenyans!- Mustafa

Despite facing personal challenges, and societal skepticism, and naysayers, Mustafa’s determination to succeed has captured the hearts of many Kenyans.

As the support from the local community and Kenyans at large pours in, Mustafa remains humbled and grateful. In a recent interview with Eve Mungai, Mustafa expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he received from Kenyans.

With ambitious plans to establish at least five shop outlets in the near future, Mustafa envisions a future where The Mus Shop becomes a household name synonymous with quality fashion and exceptional customer service.