The Rise And Fall Of Maddox: Former Boondocks Gang Member’s Downward Spiral 

The rise of the gengetone style of music has given birth to big names in the entertainment industry. One such artist is Maddox, a former member of the now disbanded Boondocks gang. Pre-Covid, the budding star had a lot of success. 

Together with his band members, they produced a number of club bangers that not only made them famous but seemed to have elevated them financially.

However, Maddox would begin a downward spiral following the end of the Boondocks Gang. Today, he seems to be deeply into drugs with recent sightings of him showing a somewhat disoriented artist rapping unintelligibly to music.

Here is what WoK has compiled about the artist. 

Boondocks gang 

The group produced a couple of hit songs and for a while were the talk of town. They produced music that resonated with their young fans and as a result made a fortune.

In a past interview, Maddox said the band members met in 2015 and comprised Maddox, Ex-ray and Odi wa Muranga. At first, their management would help them do solo projects before they finally became a band. 

They enjoyed notoriety with songs like: 

  • Mboko Haram 
  • Mathogothanio 
  • Rieng Remix 
  • Mdarano 
  • Vuvuzela 
  • Modo Man 
  • Kidole 
  • Thao 
  • Mambichwa 
  • Kamweretho 

Some of their songs were done with big artists in the industry. While many loved them, a section of songs promoted violence and drug abuse. On the other hand, they said that wasn’t the case as their songs were just a reflection of society. 

Solo projects 

In 2019, Maddox released a solo called Raerae together with Kansoul and Arrif. He also released a debut solo EP called Good Fi Life. The EP, according to Boomplay, had 10 tracks and featured appearances from people including Master VK, Boutross, Jay, Naitwa Pro, Arif, Yvionna, and Doughiefresh. 

The split 

The Boondocks Gang later split up with the members going on to pursue other projects. Maddox had said that initially the group had split during the pandemic in order to focus on other things.

The restrictions at the time made it impossible for the group to perform. He said they struggled to raise money but thought things would get better. Instead, they got worse and the group began to fall apart. 

“The first time I noticed things were changing in the group was when we were set to record and not all group members were present. Exray and Odi wa Murang’a would sometimes skip sessions and other times only one of them would show up and the other doesn’t,” he said in an online interview in 2022. 

He told Presenter Ali that he moved out of their shared house as he felt that their friendship groups was different and one of the band members was dating. Hence, he felt they needed privacy. After moving out, he claimed Ex-tray unfollowed him and he did not understand why. 

He also said that he had tried to keep their YouTube channel, which was becoming inactive, afloat. He even put there a song called Nyonga. 

While the rest of the band went on to have success, news reports suggested the same could not be said for Maddox

He seemed to be on a downward spiral. A former band member said the problem with Maddox was that he loved the good life and had gotten in with the wrong crowd and started taking drugs.

They said he would not show up for recordings at the studio as his overall discipline changed. They even promised to help him get rehabilitated. 

During the 2022 interview with Presenter Ali, a friend who was living with Maddox at the time claimed he had been abandoned. He also alluded that he was not in a good state and even rent money would be appreciated. 

In the recent past, Maddox has not released any songs and some fans have seen him in the streets allegedly high on his drug of choice.