The Side Hustles Of Popular Inspekta Mwala Actors

Inspekta Mwala is a sitcom show that airs weekly on Citizen TV. The show centers around happenings at the Kona Mbaya police station which include handling cases and high drama among the cast.

The show’s actors have over the years established themselves as household names in Kenya’s entertainment scene thanks to their humour. Their comical approach to solving cases and handling matters best exemplifies what you would expect in a Kenyan police station.

While acting may be what we know them to do and for, these actors also lead a life away from Inspekta Mwala that is relatively unknown to the fans.

Here are the actor’s side hustles as researched and told by WoK.

Inspekta Mwala

The veteran actor has made a name for himself over the years, thanks to his unmistakable Kamba accent. His comical representation of a Kenyan police officer in the show Inspekta Mwala brings it all to life.

While a majority of Kenyans mistake him for a member of the Kamba community, Inpekta Mwala is actually from the Coast. He is a Taita his real name is Davis Hezron Mwabili.

The veteran actor has graced our screens and entertained us for decades. Apart from acting, Mwala was also for a long time, a presenter at Radio Citizen before he called it quits in 2021. He hosted the morning show alongside Wilbroda and Francis Luchivia.

Mwala has featured in a number of commercials that have earned him a good paycheck. These include the Airtel commercial where he was reportedly paid Ksh5 million according to Nairobinews. He also featured in a commercial for Sonadol.

The media personality is also a landlord. Mwala has a flat in the fast growing Ruai town with a monthly income of about Ksh250,000.

Madam OCS

Veteran actress Asha Nzunga Kiteme best renowned by her stage names Madam OCS features in the show Inspekta Mwala as the boss to Mwala and his juniors. She portrays a very strict and ambitious character only after excellence at the Kona Mbaya police station.

The veteran actress has featured in some of the most popular shows in Kenya’s entertainment scene.

Though she is a darling to many on TV and social media, the veteran actress’ personal life and side hustles remain relatively unknown to the general public.


Lavender, real name Sarah Atieno, features on Inspekta Mwala as the female cop who is hit on by her colleagues but maintains a cool character and is dedicated in her work. Although she is surrounded with so many juniors police officers that are very comic, she makes efforts to ensure that things are running smoothly at the Kona Mbaya police station.

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Much is not known about her side hustles as she prefers to lead a quiet life away from the public eye.


Abdi is arguably the funniest character on Inspekta Mwala. His real name is Ratib Mohammed. His character in the show is always in trouble and often ends up in Inspector Mwala and Madam OCS office for it.

Abdi and Muliro

Aside from acting, the talented media personality is also a brand ambassador and radio presenter at Radio Citizen.


Ngure is among the junior police officers in the Inspector Mwala crew. His real name is Bonventure Wangara.

Outside the show, Ngure maintains a quite life and his side hustles are relatively unknown to the public.


Muliro real name is Allan Namisi. His humor level is indescribable and he always tags his colleagues, Abdi and Ngure, to his clandestine operations.

Apart from being an actor, Muliro is a man of many hats. He was a sports journalist. He worked at Radio Citizen and hosted a segment called Viwanjani Michezo and also hosted Burudani show.


Bon Okello popularly known by his stage names Bokelo was a talented presenter, actor, and comedian. His death caught many of us by surprise and was very disheartening. His humor on Inspekta Mwala was unmatched.

Apart from acting, Bokelo was a presenter at Radio Ramogi F.M where he continued to cheer up his fans with his humour.


Samuel Odoyo best renowned by his stage name Morio is among the funniest Inspector Mwala cast. He is a subordinate worker at the Kona Mbaya police station. Morio falls into trouble with Inspekta Mwala more often and he is very close with most of the junior police officers.

Outside acting, Morio prefers a quiet life away from social media. During a past interview with Radio Citizen, he revealed that he is an SDA Church Evangelist also doubles up as a gym instructor in the Kenyan National Assembly.

Moreover, he also holds a diploma in Electrical engineering where he is professionally engaged.