Mulamwah: How Troubled Comedian Invested Wisely In His Businesses


Comedian David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah is a man who has carved a niche for himself in the competitive entertainment industry through sweat on his brow.

The funny man, started his dream of being an established comedian when he was studying nursing at Moi University in Eldoret. More often than not, he would be cracking students’ ribs when playing pool and during the campus’ fun day event.

Comedian Mulamwah. [Photo|Courtesy]

Though his attention on comedy almost careened his nursing career off the rails, he still managed to graduate and took his internship at Kenyatta National Hospital.

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The 28 year old studied at Legacy school in then proceeded to St. Anthony’s Boys High School in Kitale. He was a bright student who scored a straight A in KCSE.

Rise to Fame 

While in Eldoret, Mulamwah, then known by the stage name Muindi participated in a number of events hosted in various hotels. At the time, he presented himself for numerous auditions at Churchill Show but it was all in vain.

Oyando instant rise to fame is attributed to the short funny videos that he created in 2019. Through the help of friends, the videos would then get a wider viewership after being shared on WhatsApp statuses. Finally, Mulamwah made his debut on Churchill Show in January 2020. For this breakthrough, he holds it close to the heart and has pinned it on his Twitter account.

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Mulamwah Investments, Source of Wealth and net worth

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Having gained popularity, Mulamwah makes good money through various events in which he performs. Boasting of over 369k followers on Twitter and 1.1 million on Facebook, the comedian has attracted various brands such as Airtel, Kenya Cane spirit, Mozzart Bet and e-commerce site Afrika Sokoni.

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The comedian also has an entertainment label by the name Mulamwah Entertainment but it is yet to fully conquer the industry. In fact, he has previously shut it down over allegations of online hate after he broke up with his girlfriend, Carrol Sonnie.

Even though Mulamwah has various Skiza tunes to his name, he has in the past criticized the platform after they paid him a paltry ksh 31 over a month’s period.

The fast rising comedian owns over 10 motorcycles which operate in Kitale and earns him daily income. He also owns a plot of land which he is currently setting up his house.

According to Tuko, the comedian is worth Ksh 4 million.

Relationship With Carol Sonnie 


Mulamwah has been dating Carol Muthoni but their relationship has not been a bed of roses as they initially broke up, before  mending matters. Together, they have a baby going by the name Keilah, but Mulamwah has lately refuted being the father of the 8 month old.

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The duo met in an audition event, and built a seemingly blossoming relationship. However, as soon as they received their first born, things started falling apart with Mulamwah making harrowing allegations against Carol Sonnie including intending to abort and piling pressure on him to fund an expensive lifestyle.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonnie after delivery of Baby Keilah. [Photo|Courtesy]

While appearing on ‘ilikuaje‘ segment hosted by Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Carol revealed that she had been subjected to intense emotional stress to a point of failing to breastfeed her baby. The actress revealed that Mulamwah last saw the baby when she was 2 months old. However, she declined to talk about private issues concerning the baby Keilah.

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