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Tina: Ex-Mother In Law Actress And Producer Behind Inooro TV’s Hit Show ‘Ithaga Riene’

Jackie Mungai, also known as Tina, is one of the longest-serving actresses on the popular Kenyan TV show “Mother-in-Law.” She has been a part of the show since its inception and continues to make appearances as Ras’s wife. In addition to that role, she also acts as the granddaughter of Mwamba and Charity.

WoK looks at her life and the remarkable successes she has found after exiting “Mother-in-Law”

Her Relationship With Kate Actress

She is related to another popular actress named Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress. On “Mother-in-Law,” Jackie plays the no-nonsense sister to the characters Mike and Angie. Despite her perfect demeanor on TV, she has always been a tomboy in real life.

Education Background

She attended Technical Primary School in Muranga and later Kahuhia High School before joining Eregi Teachers Training College, where she graduated with a teaching diploma. She comes from a family of four, including her elder sister and parents, who work in the medical profession.

Family And Personal Life

Jackie Mungai is a single mother of two children. Many fans have mistaken her as Ras’s wife due to the great chemistry they share on and off the screen. However, Ras is happily married with three kids in real life.

Tina is not only known for being one of the best actresses but also for being a loving mother.

She expressed her gratitude to God when she gave birth to her son, considering him a treasure. She also has a six-year-old daughter who is her first child.

Jackie Mungai The Entrepreneur

Aside from her acting career, Jackie Mungai is a thriving entrepreneur. She owns a company called Njiwa Creations, which specializes in interior decorations and event management.

On Creating The Popular Kikuyu TV Show “Ithaga Riene”

In addition to her role on “Mother-in-Law,” she is also the producer of the popular program “Ithaga Riene” on Inooro TV. “Ithaga Riene” airs every Friday at 8:30 pm and portrays the evils in society through a spicy drama that captivates viewers.

The show’s title, meaning “something which is not yours or borrowed” in English, aligns with the content of each episode. Jackie Mungai’s expertise as a producer and her flawless portrayal of Tina on “Mother-in-Law” have contributed to the success of “Ithaga Riene.”

“Ithaga Riene” On Kalasha Awards

As a producer, Jackie Mungai has been recognized for her work on “Ithaga Riene.” She is also involved in motion picture production and has contributed to the show’s recognition and nominations at the Kalasha Film Festivals.

“Ithaga Riene” Top Cast

“Ithaga Riene” features a talented cast sourced from various locations. Catalina Gichane, known by her real name as Njeri, plays the role of a nosy nanny who is always meddling in her boss’s affairs.

Other notable cast members include Pablo Kimani as Kiuria, Eve Wanja as Mukami, Kevin Mugo as Nick, Wangui Muthoni as Nyambu, Loise Ngendo as Maggie, John Kihiko as Mapesa, Catherine Kiboi as Leah, Samuel Njoroge as Jomo, Suzanne Njoki as Karen, and Ann Achieng’ Odhiambo as Wagithi.

The Kikuyu TV show “Ithaga Riene” has been airing for over three years and has gained a dedicated audience.