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Top 10 Most Trusted Companies In Kenya

To run a business enterprise, the only thing one has to do is to make sales and balance his/her expenses to make a profit.

On the other hand, great entrepreneurs are capable of conducting an intensive survey in the market and pick unique factors that make consumers get attached to their products and services.

In Kenya, a number of companies have managed to be the undisputed players who control a wide market in various categories of businesses. This article will feature companies that have set the bar high and earned the trust of Kenyans.

1). Safaricom PLC

On telecommunications, Safaricom PLC is by the far the most trusted telcos in the Kenyan market. The giant company owes its success to its reliability on mobile money transfer, voice and messaging services and ecommerce platform.

Safaricom was founded in 1997 and over the years has experienced tremendous growth through their superb customer care practices and innovations such as Mpesa. The company employs thousands of employees and its current CEO is Peter Ndegwa.

2) KCB Group

The Kenya Commercial Bank was founded in 1896 as a branch of National Bank of India. Currently, the bank operates in a number of East African countries and has assets valued at 1.01 trillion shillings.

Despite economic shocks occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, KCB recently posted a ksh 15.3 billion half year profit up from ksh 7.6 billion in 2020.

In 2020, KCB was the only Kenyan bank that was ranked among the safest banks globally.  The study focused on a number of aspects such as growth, profitability and laying out strategies of resolution in event of bank failure. KCB’s current CEO is Joshua Oigara.

3). Equity

Equity bank was founded in 1984 as a society for mortgage financing. And despite almost closing shop in 1993 due to insolvency, the bank proved resilient and has since spread its tentacles to Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, DRC and Tanzania.

In Kenya, Equity currently boasts of a whooping 9 million customer base and has been able to attract Kenyans due to its business model of targeting people across all social classes.

The bank recently posted a massive 17.9 billion shillings profits up from 9.1 billion shillings in 2020.

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4) Unilever Kenya

The multinational company deals in and distributes common household products that arguably every Kenyan consumes. These goods include Rexona antiperspirant deodorant, Vim scouring powder, Pepsodent toothpaste, Royco, Omo detergent, Sunlight detergent, Geisha soap and Vaseline petroleum jelly which have penetrated most Kenyan homes.

5). Royal Media Services

The media company was founded in 1999 and has since established itself to be an award winning media house with 2 television stations and a number of radio stations most broadcasting in vernacular.

Citizen TV and Radio Citizen command a lion’s share of Kenyan viewers and listeners. As such, the two bagged the most trusted TV and radio news at the Kuza broadcasting awards.

6). Standard Group Limited

Despite intense competition on Kenya’s media industry, Standard group has managed to command a considerable fan base through TV, radio and print media.

The company was founded in 1902 and has expanded gradually, making it dependable in giving timely news through KTN television, KTN News, Standard Newspaper, Standard Digital and Radio Maisha.

7). Easy Coach



In offering high quality travel and parcel services, the company has managed to earn a reputation in this sector. The headquarters of Easy Coach is in Nairobi and links the capital to dozens of destinations in Kenya and East Africa. It is owned by an entrepreneur known as Azym Dossa.

8). Modern Coast

Modern Coast is another highly regarded company in public travel. Notably, the company has prioritized safety and comfort for its clients. It was founded by an entrepreneur known as Shahid Pervez who passed on. Currently, Pervez’s son Harouk Buth is the CEO of the firm.

9). Total

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya Limited is another highly respected multinational company that deals in fuel, lubricants and LPG gas. Generally, its products are regarded as safe by a majority of Kenyans and has made these goods available through their number of petrol stations distributed nationally.

10). Bonfire Adventures

Photo|Bonfire Adventures


In travel agency, Bonfire Adventures is a firm of good repute and has revolutionised both international and local tourism.

Bonfire has thousands of travel destinations listed on their website. The firm was founded by Simon Kabu whom together with his wife started with a paltry 10000 shillings as the capital.

To give their clients value for their money and earn their trust, the couple travel across the globe in a bid to explore more destinations and review various hotels.