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Top Ten Most Selected Secondary Schools By 2023 KCPE Candidates

  • Kabianga High, Nanyuki High and Pangani High are the three most sought-after secondary schools

The competitive nature of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination under the 8:4:4 system has come to an end with the release of the 2023 results. 

This paves way for the Competence Based Curriculum that will replace a system Kenyans have known for 38 years. 

According to data placement data, only 3.1 per cent of the 3.1 percent of the 1.2 million candidates will join the national school. 61 percent will join sub county schools. 

WoK takes a look at the ten most most popular schools by the 2023 KCPE candidates,

Kabianga High School

The boys only high school had a record 186,357 seeking Form One placements in the institution. The school only selected 672 students. 

Nanyuki High School

This has been a favorite with many students. This is attributable to its academic excellence and a strong culture of nurturing talents in the arts and other co-curricular activities. The school principal is Oliver Munishi. 158,741 candidates selected the institution but only 480 will be joining.

Pangani Girls

This topped the list of the most selected Girls only secondary schools in Kenya. A total of 144,542 students applied to join the school but only 384 got a slot at the school. 

Kapsabet Boys

The school has been one of the best performing in Kenya and it did not come as a surprise to see the high number of students who want a slot in the institution. 

Out of the 143,723 boys who selected the national school, only 432 got a spot. 

Alliance Girls High School

A national school with a rich history. The institution only absorbed 384 out of the 135,033 who had selected the institution.

Maseno School

The school that has produced notable figures in Kenya has 123,777 students showing interest to join the giant institution. Only 672 of those got a spot at the national school.

Nakuru High School

Only 480 boys out of the 115,513 who had selected one of the best schools in Kenya got a chance to join the institution.

Butere Girls High School

Another top performing high school in Kenya. 114,635 selected the institution but only 480 got a placement in the school

Mangu High School

The school made headlines when Kenya Airways donated a plane to aid them in their aviation studies. The institution absorbed 480 students out of 112,938 only selected to the top performing national school

Alliance High School

Closes the list of the top ten most selected schools. Only 384 out of 110,839 got a chance to join the institution.

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