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Vincent Mboya: I Will Only Assist Needy Canadians, YouTuber Explains Why He Will No Longer Help Kenyans

Vincent Mboya will no longer be assisting Kenyans due to their tendency to abuse him. The YouTuber, who  has since relocated to Canada, said that he will instead offer help to needy Canadians. 

“…..mimi nilikuwa na roho safi ya kusaidia waKenya but kwasababu nawasaidia na mnatitusi nikisema jana I have officially stopped helping” he shared on his Tik Tok account. 

He said this while walking on Union Station where he was looking for atleast two homeless people to buy them food and clothing. 

In the Tik Tok video, Mboya is seen approaching a homeless person and introducing himself as a Kenyan. He proceeds to ask him what he wants and his response is, ‘coffee double double extra large and a chilli”. 

Mboya can be seen engaging the homeless man further after getting him his order. 

Mboya YouTuber Journey

His journey from a nondescript, if not annoying, YouTuber to a notable name in the local entertainment scene was unexpected. 

Vincent Mboya started his career by bashing the current Langata MP Phelix Odiwuor Khodhe, popularly known as Jalango, after he had assisted him with Ksh18,000 to pay his rent. 

Jalango paid Mboya’s three months rent arrears and went on to advise the then 21 year old YouTuber to get a job instead of begging for handout on social media. 

A miffed Mboya went on a rant asking Jalango to collect his money,

“Felix Odiwuor (Jalang’o). Here is your money, KSh 18,000. You have my number, kindly come for your money. I’m giving you 48 hours you come collect your money,” 


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he said while counting the cash.

 “He can pin his location so that we meet and I hand him the cash,” he said

Mboya has amassed over 200k subscribers on his YouTuber channel. He has over 100k followers on Instagram and a strong presence on Tik Tok.

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