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Top Ten Plus Size Kenyan Celebrities

Human life is beautiful. The diversity of life and the human species is what makes us special as a people. While people may struggle with accepting the differences in others, appreciating oneself is the best way to get others to appreciate you.

If you struggle with body confidence, you’re not alone, but there’s plenty to be proud of. Our bodies undergo amazing feats of physical engineering every minute of every day that we’re alive. Appreciate the complexities of what’s going on beneath the surface and you’ll be hard-pressed to criticise it!

First of all, the most important thing to remember is: If you talk down to yourself about plus size, others will too. Start the morning right: Praise your body every day.

In this article, WoK takes a look at some of the differences that makes some of us special, particularly, “the plus-size” community. Across the world, there have been numerous incidents of the public body-shaming others, fortunately, brave souls have come up and stood firm against the vice. More and more people are coming out to embrace their bodies and putting ‘haters’ to shame.

Here are some of Kenya’s top plus-size celebrities.

Kamene Goro

The curvaceous Kiss FM presenter is among the country’s leading media personalities. The radio presenter who also doubles up as a plus-size model does not shy away from flaunting her body and has developed as thick skin for online trolls.

Top Ten Plus Size Kenyan Celebrities

According to prior reports, Kamene Goro revealed that she has been big since the age of six and revealed that she was put on a diet but it didn’t work and claims her body is all generic.

Her bold nature and love for herself has since inspired many other celebrities and members of the public alike to embrace themselves.

Kalekye Mumo

The celebrated veteran media personality is not shy of flaunting her curves. She boasts an impressive career in the media industry and has inspired many in the game.

Top Ten Plus Size Kenyan Celebrities

Kalekye Mumo’s social media accounts especially Instagram are lit with jaw-dropping photos of her in various outfits. She has an impeccable fashion sense and knows how to treat herself.

Milly Chebby

The content creator and wife to comedian Terence Creative is a darling to many. In simple terms, a “if you don’t like her, we can’t be friends” type of darling.

Milly is active on social media creating entertaining content for members of the public and also shares incredible images of herself. She is not afraid of showing off her curves and has become an inspiration to talented plus-size girls and women out there.

Neomi Ng’ang’a

The actress and radio personality is an epitome of women’s fashion in Kenya. Through her creativity and own designs, she has proved that plus size women are indeed sexy. Her mastery in the art of style has pushed her to a fashionpreneur.

Top Ten Plus Size Kenyan Celebrities

In 2019, she pulled the first of its kind Miss Kenya Plusworld2019 event.

Neomi is not shy of flaunting her curves, she wears fitting clothes and is comfortable in swimwear.

Mary Mwikali

The veteran media personality is easily among Kenya’s top celebrities. Mwikali is also very bold when it comes to fashion statements regardless of any body shape.

She is confident in herself and can easily pull off any outfit she wants to.

Watching her on television, one can tell that she understands and appreciates herself.

Grace Msalame

The mother of three has some amazing curves. Her fashion sense is top-notch and she is not afraid of pulling off anything that makes her look good and stand out.

This has seen her bag ambassadorial deals for brands that make clothes for plus size women and also runs her own brand of clothes for Plus Size women.

Risper Faith

The former socialite, turned entrepreneur is very confident in her body, she does not hesitate from flaunting those curves.

Despite numerous attacks from trolls for allegedly growing fat, Risper flaunts her plus-size body unapologetically!

Joan Munyi alias Yummy Mummy

The vlogger and show host is another talented curvaceous lady who does not shy away from flaunting her body.
The highly opinionate mother of three is a fashion icon. She is not afraid of dressing up her curves as she wants to and my, does she look good.
Vera Sidika
The curvaceous socialite has made a killing from modelling and brand endorsements. Vera knows her body and she dresses it up like a queen. Her fashion sense is elite and she is not afraid of letting the world know that she got curves.
The mother of one is easily on the list of Kenya’s top celebrities. The socialite-cum-entrepreneur often dresses in the latest, and high-end designer fashion outfits and she never gets it wrong.
Sandra Dacha

The award-winning actress famously known as Silprosa, is very bold and is never afraid of flaunting her body from Bikinis down to the latest of fashion trends. Sandra, who refers to herself as “the biggest machine” is among Kenyan celebrities who do not entertain body-shamers.

Top Ten Plus Size Kenyan Celebrities

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