Property Forcefully Taken From Mzee Kibor’s Youngest Widow By Her Step-children

Property Forcefully Taken From Mzee Kibor’s Youngest Widow By Her Step-children
The late Mzee Jackson Kibor and his youngest widow Eunitah Chelimo PHOTO/COURTESY

The late Uasin Gishu billionaire farmer Jackson Kibor’s youngest widow has decried a plot to disinherit her from property left behind by the tycoon.

According to a report on Business Daily, Eunita Chelimo claimed that she was evicted from her matrimonial home and her livestock distributed among family members.

She said she was forced out of her Kabenes home where Mzee Kibor was laid to rest and her 57 heads of livestock distributed among her step children.

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This, according to Chelimo, happened barely a month after her husband was laid to rest.

What’s more, other properties including tractors were forcefully taken away from her and handed over to her co-wives’ children.

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“There is a plot to disinherit my children because all our properties have been caveated and I can’t even raise the money for my children’s education,” Chelimo said in a presser.

Chelimo claimed plans to disinherit her started way back even before her husband’s burial ceremony was held.

“I was surprised to be served with property restrictions filed by some of Mzee Kibor’s children, which were interestingly issued on April 1, the same day we were burying him. Since then I have had no peace,” she said.

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She called on the government to come to her aid, saying she has been physically assaulted and had already reported the matter to police.

“My children are still young and I need to take care of them with the property left behind by their father. But if they lose their inheritance their future will be in jeopardy,” she said.

Mzee Kibor died aged 88 on March 16 at St Luke’s Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital in Eldoret where he had been admitted for ten days for COVID-19 related complications.

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The family said he was diagnosed with kidney failure and was undergoing dialysis until his death.

According to reports, in late February, Mzee Kibor summoned all his family members and several friends to his expansive Kabenes farm and sought forgiveness before reconciling with them.

He then bequeathed each son 200 acres of land and 100 acres to each of the daughters, amongst other property.

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