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True Love: The Inspiring Story Of Rachael And Ailing Ex-Footballer Ezekiel Otuoma

When Rachael met footballer Ezekiel Otuoma for the first time, the two never thought their marriage would go as it did. However, Rachael has stuck to her ailing husband and has promised never to leave him despite how challenging the situation is.

At times, she cries and others think she just uses him but she is the only one who understands the situation.

Here is their story as told by WoK,

The Illness 

Ezekiel Otuoma was once a striker for AFC Leopards, Ulinzi Stars, Muhoroni, Western Stima, Sony Sugar, and Talanta football teams.

His aspiration was to play for a football club abroad. However, he began ailing in November 2020. It started like any other flu but later progressed.

They sought treatment and he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. 

The couple went to India for a second opinion but the diagnosis remained the same. They were told the disease can only be managed as it had no cure. 

Seeking spiritual help 

Upon their return, Rachael decided to keep it to herself and sought spiritual help.

She sought spiritual help by seeking out different pastors including Kenya’s pastor Ezekiel Odero and Uganda’s Kakande.

Some would attribute the illness to some sort of witchcraft but despite their prayers nothing changed. During this time, people realized that he was still ill after they watched her seeking prayers on TV. 

She finally accepted that it was an illness and stopped going to the pastors. 

Life with her husband and well wishers 

Today, she lives with her husband who has lost his speech and ability to do most things. She is his full-time caregiver and has vowed to always be there for him.

Rachael said some people have advised her to leave him because he would have done the same if the situations was reversed.

However, she says that from the time they got married in 2015, her husband always treated her with respect. 

While many friends have left their lives, their best couple has stood with them. They also receive a lot of support from Tik Tok users. A family she does not know from Zimbabwe has also supported them and bought them a car to help facilitate their transportation.

Building House Upcountry

Through support from their Tik Tok followers, the Otuoma’s managed to build a beautiful two-bedroom bungalow  house in their Ramula, Gem rural home. 

She thanked Tik Tok users for their generosity in a cute message that read,

“It’s been four years since my hubby started feeling unwell, the whole situation being a roller coaster is an understatement, but our God has been faithful,”

“Today with so much humility, my husband and I say thank you to our TikTok family for supporting us this far. We finally have a home to call our own,” Rachael shared. 

On Tik Tok alone, Rachael has over 400k followers.

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