Pst. Ezekiel Odero Shares Secret On How He Made Ksh 6M In Just Two Hours


I am pretty sure everytime you think of starting a business, you never think of starting a church or a ministry, right? But truth is – churches pay, they pay so good to a point most preachers are now ranked among the wealthiest people in the world.

Yes, unfortunately the word of God has now become an investment strategy and it’s working. To prove my point, allow me to speak on how pastor Ezekiel Odera went home with millions after his crusade at Kasarani a few weeks back.

Pastor Ezekiel Odera

Well, speaking during recent interview – the man of God disclosed how much he was charging for handkerchiefs- that is Ksh 100 and from the reports, turns out on his first service at the venue attracted over 60,000 people and counting. As mentioned earlier, this was just the first service of his crusade, so you can imagine the turn out on the second day.

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Having built his ministry over the years and performed miracles on TV – his handkerchief, bottled water and anointing oil business got its highest sales in Nairobi; and honestly – this is a case of an investor who identified with consumer needs hence came through with the supply. Call it being business minded.

Bishop Ezekiel Odero’s crusade at Kasarani

Anyway, although we cannot provide any paper work showing proof as to how he made the  Ksh 6M; I want to believe that with a congregation of 60,000 people and handkerchiefs, anointing oil and blessed water to sell – the man of God clearly walked away with more than the amount reported….but at the end of the day – what matters is he put in work (preaching) and walked away a wealthier man.

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