Harman Singh Grewal: The Young Politician Gearing To Become Nairobi Governor

The Nairobi gubernatorial debate organized by the different media outlets in Kenya was held on July 11th 2022 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Many Kenyans anticipated to watch the battle between the frontrunners- Johnson Sakaja and Polycarp Igathe. However, one young man stole the whole show by articulately answering the questions posed to him by explaining how he would transform the county through technology.

WoK brings you the story of Harman Singh Grewal – the 25 year old Nairobi gubernatorial candidate backed by Jimmi Wanjigi and Paul Muite.

Harman Singh Grewal

Harman Singh Grewal is a Kenyan of Asian origin who was born and raised in Nairobi. The 25 year old attended Strathmore University from 2015 to 2019 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws – LLB, Law. He went on to acquire a Masters degree in 2021 from the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA). He began his career journey in 2016 working at Jasar as a real estate manager and then co-founded Asilimia which crumbled down in months.

He became an intern at Sharma Ramesh (Narad) Advocate Commissioner For Oaths Notary Public from 2018 to 2020. During that period, he also worked as a Project Development Manager at Smart Friends. In February 2021 he joined an organization dubbed ‘We Make Impact’ where he was the Head of Operations for 7 months. He is currently a Teacher at Premier Academy, Nairobi (Srimad Rajchandra Institute) and Founder of Kenyan Law – an organization seeking to help Kenyans understand the operation of the law in Kenya.

Politics and the gubernatorial debate

Harman Singh Grewal is vying for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat under Safina party, a political party associated with billionaire Jimmi Wanjigi and renowned lawyer Paul Muite. The 25 year old is effectively the youngest cleared gubernatorial candidate in Kenya in the August 9th general elections. While speaking during the Nairobi gubernatorial debate held on July 11th at the CUEA, revealed that if elected governor, he is going to use technology to transform Nairobi County.

“I would build digital centers, where you can put all your details and when a job is available you get alerts. The system applies to even people with no smartphones. We will also connect the system to an education project that allows you to study online while you wait for a job opening. This means that as you wait for the job you will be getting the qualifications required,” he explained

When asked how he would deal with cartels that have reduced the city into a private institution that is characterized by corruption, he responded:

“The issue of cartels was the hardest thing we had to discuss as a team. Talking about cartels was the trickiest as we got backlash from some people. We decided to have a seat down from the leaders of the cartels and understand how much they earn from their operations. Once we understand that we will multiply their earnings by a certain amount and reduce the power they have within Nairobi,” he said.

He urged Nairobians not to be swayed by political theatrics but instead vote for a leader who cares about their well-being and who has the passion to push for change. His manifesto is available in both English and Swahili via Harman47.com.