Victor Githu: The Youngest Preacher In Kenya Who Has Remained Firm In The Lord Amid Online Bullying

By Prudence Minayo

Christened Kenya’s youngest pastor, Victor Githu has been praised, critiqued and his name maligned on various social media platforms. The courageous boy has faced the negative comments head on and has continued to preach the good word of the Lord. Victor believes God has called him for a bigger purpose and the opinions of people do not define him.

Rumours made heavy rotation on social media platforms alluding that he had scored 227 marks in the 2021 Kenya Certificate Primary Education (KCSE) examinations. A section of Kenyans congratulated him and others made him the subject of ridicule. However, he came out to deny those reports maintaining that he was in Grade 6. 


Victor was born on 7th October in 2009. He began talking when he was only 7 months but started walking when he had turned two years. 

According to Victor, the preaching bug began when he was just five years old. Armed with the tiny blue Gideon’s International Bible, he preached to those around him. His mother was not as supportive at first because all he did was preach. He would even close his mother’s shop whenever he was left in charge to go preach. People thought he was crazy and his mother canned him for evading responsibility. However, nothing would change his mind.

Death is what can stop him from preaching

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, he stated that he preferred death if he was not allowed to preach. He told the award winning YouTuber that at one point, he wanted to commit suicide but as he was about to tie the rope around his neck, he decided to bid his brother farewell. The brother told his mother what was happening and he was canned before being counselled.  

Eventually, he convinced his mother to take him to preach in Juja market. At the end of the session, people had given him Sh7,000 which he used to record his debut song. This was in 2017 during the political campaigns and the song was a plea to God to let peace reign in the country. This was how his music journey began and he hopes to continue making gospel songs. 

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The young preacher then started visiting media stations and people began to take notice of him. Appearing on Tuko in 2019, he declared 2020 would be a prosperous year full of blessings and victory. 

Victor Githu has appeared in various media houses since then including KTN and NTV. He also commands a huge following both on Facebook and YouTube where he has 29k subscribers. 

Hate Comments 

A section of Kenyans believe he is too young to know the full meaning of what he preaches. After the Tuko interview, others praised him and others bashed him. It got to a point that his mother would cry over the hate Comments. However, he told her there was nothing to be stressed about. After all, he was the one being abused and it didn’t stress him. He also told off those telling him to drop the title reverend. Victor says it was given to him by God and no one could change that. 

In a 2020 interview, when asked about his predictions that it would be a good year, he said it still was. The young preacher said that despite the pandemic it was still okay since trials were part of life. 

Future plans 

In future, Victor Githu hopes to have a big spiritual church with branches in a number of countries including Norway and the US. In a past interview, the 12-year-old said he just wanted to preach and not have any other job.