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What Is The Away-Goals Rule In Football?

The away-goals rule is a tiebreaker used in various football tournaments to determine the winner of a 2-legged (home and away) knockout stage tie. Enjoy all sports betting Uganda on 1xBet, where you can wager on the knockout stages of football tournaments too.

It is used when the aggregate score is tied at the end of the 2nd leg. The rule is applied in many competitions across the world, such as:

  • the UEFA Champions League;
  • the UEFA Europa League;
  • and the Copa Libertadores.

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Valuable goals away from home

The away-goals rule operates on the principle that away goals are more valuable or significant than home goals in determining the outcome of a 2-legged tie. The rule aims to encourage attacking play in away matches and to provide a decisive result without the need for a penalty shootout or additional play. Speaking about penalty shootouts, the 1xBet livescore on website also covers them, and you will be able to wager on them too.

After the 2 legs of the tie are played, the aggregate score (the total goals scored by each team) is calculated. If the aggregate score is tied, the team that has scored more away goals is declared the winner. In other words, goals scored by a team in the away leg of the tie are considered more valuable. The livescores on the 1xBet website also allow you to follow how these knockout matches are going.

A practical example

Let’s consider a hypothetical example. Team A plays the first leg at home and wins 2-1. In the return leg at Team B’s stadium, the match ends in a 1-0 victory for Team B. The aggregate score is 2-2, but Team A advances based on the away-goals rule because they scored 2 goals away from home, while Team B only managed to score 1 away goal. Before other great football matches start, you can try games at the 1xbet.ug/casino/ website too.

If the away-goals rule still results in a tie, the contest can be decided by extra time or a penalty shootout, depending on the competition’s regulations.

The away-goals rule has been a topic of debate and discussion in the football community. Proponents argue that it adds excitement and strategic depth to the game by encouraging attacking football away from home. Critics, on the other hand, argue that it can sometimes lead to defensive tactics in the 2nd leg, as teams aim to protect their away goals advantage. Teams that use plenty of different tactics are available for wagering at the 1xBet website too.


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