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Tito Of ‘Becky’ Series Bio: Background, Education, Tribe, Acting Career, And Salary

  • Samuel Mwangi play Tito in the popular Citizen TV series Becky
  • He kickstarted his acting career by participating in plays in the Fanaka Arts Theater

Tito is one of the lead actors on the Becky series on Citizen Tv.

On the show, he portrays the character of a poor teenager from the ghetto who works hard to make his girlfriend’s  life comfortable. 

This is his journey as told by WoK,


Tito’s real name is Samuel Mwangi. According to online sources, he was born on November 20th 1995. 

He was born alongside three siblings, but sadly lost his brother in 2022 in what he considered one of the toughest moments of his life. 

He was born in the Majengo area of Nairobi, and he grew up in various parts of the capital. 

Speaking in an interview, Mwangi revealed that his father used to sell clothes in the popular Gikomba market. Through the business, he was able to enroll his children in  good schools. 

“I can say I got everything I ever wanted. My father always made sure he provided. I am where I am because of him,” said Mwangi.  

His education began at Pace Junior boarding school in Ngumo. From there, he proceeded to Kijabe Boys ́ High School. 

Acting career

Mwangi´s acting career kicked off when he participated in a play in class 5. 

“A new teacher came to our school and recruited pupils to participate in drama. I was given the role of a gate. I would just stand there and pretend to be a gate,” said Mwangi. 

From there, he participated in other drama activities, bagging awards in provincial and national levels. 

By the time he went to high school, he was so good that the drama teacher made him the drama captain. 

Surprisingly, despite his acting prowess, Mwangi’s dream was to become a doctor. He even pursued a Pharmacy course in college. 

“But I was pressured to do the course by my father. He wanted a doctor in the family. So I gave him what he wanted,” he said.  

He started off his acting career by participating in plays in the Fanaka Arts Theater. 

He appeared in his first film in 2015, courtesy of The Nest Collective

In 2016, he made his first TV appearance in the show Borderline. In 2017, he was casted in Selina, playing the role of Shaka, Selina’s uncle. 

He also been casted in other shows, including Zora, Monica, Ngazi, and has also featured in Njoro wa Uba

Becky series

Asked how he landed a role in the Becky series, Mwangi revealed that he auditioned for the role. 

“When you have a dream of becoming an actor, you never get tired of auditioning. Even renowned actors like Denzel Washington and Dwayne Johnson never get tired of auditioning,” Tito said. 

Although the character of Tito is very different from his personal life, he said he easily switches into the role.


WoK does not have the exact details as to how much Mwangi earns from the Becky show.

However, in 2020, a top TV producer who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke revealed that citizen TV actors are paid between sh 10 000 and 25 000 per episode depending on their role.

The Becky show airs from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 8 pm. Therefore, it is possible that ´Tito´ makes at least sh 50,000 per week.

Naturally, participating in various tv shows has made him a celebrity. 

“People react to me in all manner of ways. Some approach me politely asking for selfies. Others jump on me ecstatically. Often, children run after me, shouting my name,” he said. 

Aside from acting, Samy Mwangi is a voice over artist, a film producer, and runs a couple of businesses.