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HomenewsPresident William Ruto Withdraws Controversial Finance Bill

President William Ruto Withdraws Controversial Finance Bill

William Ruto
President William Ruto has announced he won’t sign the Finance Bill 2024. Photo: State House Kenya.

President William Ruto has announced in a televised address at the State House that he won’t be signing the Finance Bill 2024.

The President said he has conceded and heard the will of the people.

“Members of the public insist on the need for us to make more concessions. The people have spoken” Ruto said.

“Having reflected on continuing the conversation around the Finance Bill, and listening to the Kenyan people who say they want nothing to do with this Bill, I concede,” he added.

During the address, the president was surrounded by allied members of Parliament.

The President promised he would engage Kenyan youth to hear their perspectives and concerns.

“I propose an engagement with young people of our nation to listen to their issues and agree with them on their priority areas of concern. Ruto said.

Ruto also said his government will focus on austerity measures and will fight corruption.

“I also propose that within the next 14 days, a multi-sectoral, multistakeholder engagement be held to chart the way forward on matters relating to the content of the bill as well as auxiliary issues raised in recent days on the need for austerity measures and strengthening our fight against corruption,” he said.

Ruto directed that operational expenditure in the Presidency be reduced to remove allocations and reduce travel budget, hospitality and purchase of motor vehicles, renovations and other expenditures.

 “I direct immediate further austerity measures to reduce expenditure, starting with the Executive Office of the President and extending to the entire executive arm of government,” he added.

The Finance Bill had been opposed by Kenyans across the country, this culminated with the storming of Parliament by protesters on Tuesday, June 25.