Zimbabwean Man In Court For Claiming That He Buys Human Toes

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A man in Zimbabwe was arraigned before a court of law after claiming that he was buying human toes in Harare.

This follows claims that a big toe was going for KSh 4.5 million while the small ones retail for KSh 2.25 million each.

In a viral video, David Kaseke, 40, claimed that he was part of a syndicate buying human toes with offers ranging from KSh 3 million to KSh 9 million.

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Court documents showed that the man was approached by a local daily which he told that he was in the human toe ‘business’.

The video went viral online prompting the televant authorities to arrest him after which Kaseke dismissed his statement as a joke.

He argued that he made the claims while intoxicated.

Appearing before Harare magistrate Meenal Narotam on Tuesday, June 7, Kaseke was charged with criminal nuisance.

“His joke materially interfered with the comfort, convenience [and]  peace of the public as he had wantonly and mischievously raised a false alarm to the public,” Narotam said.

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