A Tour Inside Thee Pluto’s New Multi-Million 5-Bedroom Palatial Mansion

Thee Pluto mansion PHOTO/COURTESY

Robert Ndegwa Kamau, colloquially known as Thee Pluto, is a famous Kenyan YouTube sensation known for loyalty tests: in which he mostly moves around campuses and streets, testing the level of faithfulness amongst couples by checking through messages that arouse suspicion on their phones. This has earned him the moniker ‘relationships sanitizer.’

Thee Pluto’s rise to stardom began when he deferred his bachelor’s degree in Economics studies at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) to pursue content creation to fend for his young family after he reportedly impregnated a fellow student, who became his baby mama after giving birth to their child.

His journey has been promising, and he has managed to amass thousands of fans across his social media platforms, like Instagram, owing to his unscripted epic content often marred with drama that leaves many splitting their sides with laughter after a watch.

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The content creator is a true reflection of success and perhaps the Jack of all trades. Aside from making YouTube videos, he is a musician doing Kikuyu songs and once had a hand in crypto trading.

Recently, he founded the real estate company Home of Ideas, and he is the CEO. This explains why he is a lover of fine things and lives a flashy lifestyle, together with her girlfriend long time Felicity ‘Shiru’ Wanjiru, also a creative.

Thee Pluto owns a White Toyota Prado TX, a high-end car that costs not less than KSh 5 million in the Kenyan motor market.

In a past Q&A session with fans on social media, he disclosed that he had rented an apartment in Kilimani and parted with not less than KSh 100,000 each month before moving out to his new mansion, which he unveiled in one of his YouTube videos.

Welcome to the good life! Thee Pluto’s five-bedroom mansion is beyond amazing. Neither has he disclosed its location nor incurred construction expenses, but judging from the video, its value is close to or even more than KSh 10 million.

Before accessing the house, you will be greeted by a ding dong doorbell and forced to press the cord to send a signal to the occupants that you are at the gate.

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Thereafter, you will be more mesmerized by the security features of the mansion as the YouTuber looks forward to installing CCTV cameras on his premises for 24-hour surveillance.

The first door is a grill door, then the quality fiberboard door opens to a ceramic tiled sitting room fitted with brown spring sofas facing each other. It has three giant windows, and he looks forward to fixing high-profile art to boost its elegance. It also has spotlights and strip lights that illuminate the living room beautifully.

“The good thing I love about this house is lighting. It has spotlights that change colour when you turn them on, and it’s really cool,” he says.

Before heading to a spacious laundry space on the ground floor, there is a classic room that he says will be his home office, a kitchen with a white backsplash, heater, electric cooker, a fridge, and a white UV high-quality countertops as standard for the two immaculate kitchens in the house.

Inside Thee Pluto’s house PHOTO/COURTESY

On the second floor, there are three bedrooms – including a master cubicle with a big TV screen – that have expensive closets. There is also a bathroom with a water closet and a frameless glass shower. The unique styled washroom is similar to the other three available on each floor of the house.

The third floor has a playroom with a wine cabinet where friends will have a good time playing PlayStation games when they drop by for a visit.

From the uppermost balcony, you can have a spectacular panoramic park view of the community’s expansive outdoor amenities dotting the area.

“Another thing I love about this area is that there are no apartments close by. It’s purely residential, and my privacy is upheld,” he adds.

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