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Abigael Kutto: 24-Year-Old Who is a Top Technician at Scania

Abigael Kutto is a technician currently working at Scania East Africa’s Nairobi workshop.

The 24-year-old joined the company over two years ago after rigorous training and practicing her automotive engineering skills.

While she enjoys her position at the company, Abigael hopes that more women apply for technical courses and take moves such as hers.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Abigael joined Scania as an apprentice in August 2022, where she completed a one-year intensive program of studying and applying her automotive engineering abilities.

It was after this period when she transitioning to a technician position.

She specializes at Scania in truck and bus repair, retrofitting, troubleshooting and electrical system installation.

“When a customer brings in their vehicle with a technical problem, and I fix it, and I see the vehicle leaving the workshop and going back to business, this is the rewarding part of my job,” she said.

Abigael added, “I enjoy working at Scania because the culture harnesses your potential, and the company has provided me with an opportunity to excel and develop my skills, and I look forward to taking on more challenging projects at the company and being able to train and mentor other technicians.”

As a woman in a technical area, Abigael aspires to see more young women applying for technical courses and entering the business.

“To encourage more women to get into technical fields, we need to sensitize them on the available opportunities, and my advise to aspiring female technicians is to go for it,” she added.

Abigael Kutto PHOTO/Scania