Allan Ngare: From Oyugis To Securing A Job with the US Army 

By Prudence Minayo

Thousands of Kenyans apply for the green card but it’s only a fraction who win the lottery. For Allan Ngare, it became a reality more than a decade ago. Not only did he secure the coveted card but he also managed to get a job in the US army. Allan got the chance to share his story with Alex Chamwada following a chance encounter. 

Here is his story as told by WoK. 

Getting to the US

Allan, who hails from Homa Bay, got the chance to travel to the US after winning a green card lottery. Upon arriving in the US, things were not as easy as most would think. He had to begin from scratch. His certifications from Kenya meant nothing over there. 

Joining the army 

His interest had always been in the army. This is what prompted him to walk into the United States  Air Force base where he met a recruiter. Allan was a huge fan of aircrafts hence the recruiter walked him through the whole process. One of the requirements to join the army was permanent residency which he was accorded thanks to his green card. 

He first started the process with the Air Force before developing an interest in the army. Before joining the army, he had to sit for a number of exams, which he did and managed to pass. He was selected for boot camp and that was how his journey in the US army commenced.

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Being in the army has opened a lot of doors for him. It has enabled him to travel and see the world. It was also beneficial for his education as the army catered for his school fees. He was undergoing training in order to become an aeronautical engineer.  

Apart from his military job, Ngare also works as a trucker for the postal office. He had to undertake a two-months training course before becoming a truck driver. 


Allan also hopes to partner with his kin Martin Ngare to mentor youths back home in Oyugis. It was Martin who made it possible for Alex Chamwada to interview Allan. Alex and his team had called for an Uber and coincidentally, Martin Ngare was their Uber driver. 

Martin was on a full education scholarship in the US but still had to work for some money. Being the first born in his family, he was helping out with the school fees of his younger sibling.