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Amber Ray Biography, Age, Career, Marriage, Children & Family

  • Amber Ray real name is Faith Makau. The mother of two was born on 3rd November 1992
  • She has been in three high profile marriages

If you frequent  social media pages, you must have come across Amber Ray at some point. She is a social media influencer and fashion icon who is well grounded to be distracted by naysayers. The gorgeous lady is headstrong and no matter the circumstances. At some point, she was even called a prostitute but instead of being angry she chose to forgive her accuser. 

“A day is coming where you will take your words back….I promise…and I have forgiven you,” she said.

The lass has also revealed that she loves God and that one day she would share her story. She believes God lives but admitted that she is not a born again Christian. 

Real Name

Her real name is Faith Makau.


Amber was born on 3rd November 1992.


Many people know Amber as a socialite but over the years she has grown to become a brand. 

She once revealed that she has done a number of jobs in between before reaching where she is today. She has sold cereals, matumbo and was once head of customer service at e citizen. 


The sassy fashionista was once married to politician Zaheer as a second wife. At one point Aaliyah Zaheer, Jihanda’s first wife, came out to accuse her of using juju in order to trap her husband, allegations she refuted.

The marriage to Zaheer did end and she revealed this with a lengthy post on social media. 

“It’s about time I share with you this important move in my life, which will also set some of you free because you have been waiting for this day for way too long and I do not want to continue holding you hostage. Feel free to keep the screenshots, keep em receipts for future use. I would like to inform you that I am no longer married to Zaheer Merlahi Jihanda and no one should link me to him or his family in whatever way,” she wrote on Instagram. 

After the breakup, she dated a string of men but vowed never to be a second wife again. 

Amber Ray Biography, Age, Career, Marriage, Children & Family
Amber Ray And Her Hubby Image/Courtesy

Later on, Faith revealed she was legally and happily married to Jamal “Rohosafi” Marlow as a second wife.

In an interview, Jamal revealed that Amber has changed his life and that he loves her but that does not mean he has forgotten about his first wife.

He met his first wife, Amira, while still in high school and they later on got married and he declared he was still dedicated to her and her children. 


Even before Kenyans got used to Amber and Jamal happy ever after marriage, the two went separate ways. In a Q & A session on Instagram, the controversial mother of two revealed she was no longer together with the businessman.

Marriage to Kennedy Rapudo

The marriage to Kennedy Rapudo was highly publicised and the two seemed inseparable. The union bore baby Africanah and all seemed well until reports emerged that Rapudo was violent leading to their separation.

Addressing the separation, Rapudo stated,

” A lot has been said but I’ve not had the strength to address it. Yes, we’ve separated over an incident that happened while we were both drunk on the night of the 13th of this month,” he shared.

“It’s an event that should have never happened and I feel very sorry and in deep regret that it happened mostly to the person that I swore to protect and love with all that I had.”


Amber Ray is the mother of two, a son named Gavin and a daughter named Africanah. He is a handsome soul whose mother has always been proud to share pictures of him. 


While Faith has shared bits of her private life on social media, she has not revealed much about her parents. However, at one point she gave a story of how her father almost kicked her out. This was after she broke the relationship with a potential suitor who was about to pay dowry.