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Amount Of Money And Other Benefits Ex-CJ David Maraga Will Receive In Retirement 

By Staff Writer

David Maraga will go down history lane as one of the most steadfast-if not controversial-Chief Justice in Kenya. His retirement will shield him from the politics that surrounded his tumultuous tenure in office. That said, the CJ will have a handsome send-off package in the tune of millions. Here is a breakdown of what he will receive. 

  • Kes15 million-this is the lump sum payment he will receive for the period he worked in the Judiciary spanning more than 18 years. 
  • Get a monthly pension equal to 80 per cent of his last monthly salary.
  • Sh300,000 for inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Sh75,000 for dental cover and a similar amount for optical.
  •  Fuel allowance will be 15 per cent of the current monthly salary of the office holder
  • Access VIP lounges at all airports in Kenya
  • Hold a diplomatic passport. His wife will also be entitled to the same. 
  • Two saloon cars not exceeding 2000 cc will be at his disposal. They will be replaced after every four years. 
  • One four-wheel drive vehicle not exceeding 3,000 cc for long travel which will be replaced after every four years.

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