Aq9ine: The Mjengo Worker Creating Viral Food Recipes Tik Tok Videos

By Prudence Minayo

Tik Tok has become one of the most popular platforms for content creators. The likes of David Muchiri, popularly known as David Moya, and Azziad Nasenya are products of this social media app. Aq9ine, alias King of Muguka, is another well known content creator who has made a name for himself as an unconventional food blogger. Some of his videos have attracted millions of views. They have also caused a stir on social media with some people thinking he is crazy. On his part, Aq9ine insists he is of sound mind and has no time for negative energy. 

A while back, he trended after it was said he ate a spider and became ill. A section of social media went as far as claiming he was dead and put up a till for his followers to contribute. Appearing on a YouTube interview with Obinna TV, he said that he didn’t eat the spider but the spider bit him. 

Here is his story as told by WoK


The content creator hails from Meru. He completed his high school education and joined a tertiary institution where he pursued a course in plumbing.

Content Creation 

He started sharing videos on social media as a way having fun and entertain others. At some point, he did not even own a phone. He would login to Instagram using his friends’ phones, post a video then go on with his business. He started sharing rap videos then comic videos and finally moved on to food blogging. The very first unique dish he posted was of him frying tea using onions and tomatoes. This was way back in 2019 and the video didn’t get many views. Hence, he continued with comedy for a while. 

In what he would consider his big break, he posted a video of preparing rice and beef stew and managed to garner about 400k views in a week, views he had not received in any comic video. This inspired him to continue sharing cooking content and even explore and cook things people consider inedible or weird. In fact, when the second video did well, he knew it is something he wanted to continue with. To make his content unique and funny, he began exploring other dishes.

As time went by, his videos became more audacious. He would share videos cooking ugali and Muguku, Sukuma wiki mixed with rat and rat, flowers mixed with black jack and a bat among others. Next, he plans to try out snake meat. 

According to the content creator all his videos are well researched. He does not eat anything without first finding out if it is harmful. He urged those imitating him to do research and not just copy everything.

In between these crazy meal ideas, he also cooks what many consider ordinary food, like, pizza and lasagna using a gas cooker. 

The Meru based content creator also works as a plumber. In a recent interview, he said that he is mostly unavailable since he has to balance between work and content creation. As much as he loves creating content, he wouldn’t want to lose his job since he knows the struggle of not having employment.

Eating Spider

Aq9ine rubbished reports that he ate a spider that left him with swollen face. He went on to state that it was an allergic reaction from the spider and he said he had eaten it because he was confused from the pain.

“Niliumwa na spider kwa mkono…hapa, na nilikuwa naenda kazi na tulikuwa na foreman wangu, mimi hufanya kazi construction, mjengo…” he added.

“Niliumiwa Chogoria, kwa hardware… nikifanya video nilikuwa nimetense so hata sijui kitu nilisema,” he stated.