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Babajide Israel Adebanjo: Nigerian Man Breaks Record For Longest Duration Twerking

Nigerian man Babajide Israel Adebanjo set a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest duration of twerking. Babajide broke the record when he twerked...
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Betty Kyallo to Sue Edgar Obare Over Ben 10 Story: “I Will Not Tolerate”

Betty Kyallo
Media personality Betty Kyallo is suing blogger Edgar Obare. Photo: Betty Kyallo.

Media personality Betty Kyallo is suing blogger Edgar Obare.

Kyallo is accusing the popular blogger of defamation.

In a demand letter dated July 8, 2024, Betty’s legal team sternly warned the viral gossip blogger.

Obare is accused of spreading false and damaging information about Kyallo on his Instagram page.

“On July 7, 2024, you published a sensational post on your blog. Additionally featuring our client’s photograph with false and defamatory captions,” part of the demand letter read.

In the post, Obare had alleged that Betty and Charlie Jones had run away from a hotel without paying the bill.

Kyallo’s lawyers said the Obare’s post was meant to damage their client’s reputation and public standing.

In an angry post on her social media platforms, Kyallo said she would deal with anyone who tarnished her name and brand that she took years to build.

“I’ve decided to take legal action against those who defame me and my brand without any factual basis. They do this for clicks, likes, and views, but it’s extremely detrimental to the hard work I’ve put in over the years,”

“I will no longer tolerate spiteful, evil-intentioned, fake, and false stories against me,” Kyallo added.

Gossip vlogger Edgar Obare has balls of steel if his exposés are anything to go by.

He has made a name for himself for outing cheating spouses.

In the process he has gained a sizeable following-especially women-on his social media platforms and YouTube channel.

The ‘tea master’ new expose on the ‘wash wash’ dirty dealings in the country roping in celebrities.

This is seen as bold with some social media users feeling like he is punching above his weight.