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Brian Chira: I Earned Ksh300k On Tik Tok, Paid My University Fees And Took Care Of My Grandmother, Orphaned Cousins

In the dynamic realm of social media, where attention is a currency and virtual connections are abundant, one individual’s journey stands out – that of Brian Chira.

Brian Chira has captured both the limelight and controversy as a TikTok sensation, aspiring socialite, and self-proclaimed “nail technician” and makeup artist.

However, his life story extends far beyond the online persona, revealing a narrative marked by resilience, struggles, and a relentless pursuit of a better life.

In an interview with Andrew Kibe, Chira who goes live almost every day during the wee hours unveiled the curtain on his earnings, disclosing a staggering monthly income of Ksh 300,000 from his TikTok exploits.

Despite the enviable income Brian Chira accumulates, he candidly expressed a sentiment shared by many: money is a fickle friend.

According to him, the earnings, while substantial, fall short of providing the kind of financial security he envisions.

The young man, only 22 years old, lamented the steep costs of life in Kenya, where mere survival often demands a fortune.

In a heartrending twist, Brian Chira opened up about the financial responsibilities he shoulders – around Ksh90,000 for his university fees per term, the care of his grandmother and cousins, and the rest seemingly frittered away on alcohol.

“Life has taken a turn for the positive. I’m diligently setting aside savings and currently playing a crucial role in providing for my family – including my orphaned cousins and grandmother. I find myself in the position of being the main provider. Overall, life is on an upswing.” He claimed.

His personal story unfolds with a backdrop of adversity.

Brian Chira’s life took a tumultuous turn early on, with the loss of his mother at a tender age.

Yet, he soldiered on, embraced by his grandmother’s care.

His journey, however, took another blow with the passing of an aunt who had nurtured him.

His grief, though significant, sometimes feels invalidated by societal expectations to move on.

His yearning for attention led him to social media, where validation became an addiction of its own.

The attention, though fleeting, offers a glimmer of relief from the heavy weight of his responsibilities.

A week ago, Chira’s TikTok session led to his arrest , and subsequently, he was granted temporary release upon paying a cash bail of Ksh 50,000, with an equivalent surety amount.

The charges brought against him pertained to cyber harassment, wherein he utilized his TikTok platform to tarnish the reputation of Azziad Nasenya, a prominent TikTok personality and radio host.

As per Azziad Nasenya’s legal representative, her decision was to pursue legal measures against Chira for the alleged defamation and the resulting harm inflicted upon her image and brand.

The lawyer further asserted that Chira’s actions included the public disclosure of Azziad’s contact number, an act that inflicted distress upon her due to the inundation of abusive calls from unfamiliar individuals.

In the course of a candid discussion with Andrew Kibe during a live session, Brian Chira, who is a third-year student enrolled at Kabarak University, presented his perspective regarding the series of events culminating in his detention and subsequent suspension.

He recounted, “Azziad was instrumental in my arrest last Thursday, prompting law enforcement to visit my school premises and engage the Chief Security Officer (CSO) around midday. Subsequently, I was summoned and informed of my suspension from Kabarak University.”

Chira went on to suggest that certain recent online live sessions he conducted had sparked tensions within the university, given its Christian foundation.

“This stems from my perceived deviation from the institution’s biblical principles,” Chira elucidated.

During the live-session, Andrew Kibe inquired whether Chira’s online persona was an exaggerated character, to which Chira responded, “I am unapologetically myself, and the portrayal you witness is an authentic reflection of who I am.”

Detailing the experience of his arrest, Chira revealed that he was taken into custody at Menengai Police Station.

Furthermore, he alleged that the suspension notice was delivered to him not by the Dean of Students, but by the Chief Security Officer

The death of Brian Chira has snatched from Kenyan a big talent with an even bigger heart