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Buttler Omuchei: From Kakamega To Owning Successful Trucking Business In The US

Buttler Omuchei, a Kenyan-born US citizen, has achieved remarkable success as the owner of Bay2Bay Freight, a truck and farm equipment business based in Maryland. For the past 11 years, Omuchei has been importing products from Japan and distributing them throughout the United States.

This is his inspiring journey as told by WoK.

Unearthing Talent on the Football Field

In the early 2000s, a young Buttler Omuchei discovered his passion for football on the fields of Kakamega. With remarkable talent and unwavering dedication, he quickly caught the attention of coaches and teammates, using football as an outlet to showcase his skills and push his limits.

The former Kakamega High student played for Western Stima. Little did he know that his football talent would play a significant role in shaping his future.

Education and Football Scholarship in the US

Omuchei’s pursuit for higher education led him to the United States, where he enrolled at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington DC to study accounting.

However, his exceptional football abilities caught the attention of the university’s soccer coach, who offered him a football scholarship.

This golden opportunity not only allowed him to pursue his sporting dreams but also provided a platform for his personal and academic growth. Over the course of four years, he immersed himself in the American collegiate system, excelling both on and off the field.

Corporate Experience and Entrepreneurial Journey

After completing his accounting degree, Omuchei decided to further his education by pursuing a Master’s degree. Armed with his educational qualifications, he ventured into the corporate world, securing positions in prominent companies across the United States.

He gained valuable experience in managing people, finances, negotiations, and budgeting while working as an accounting manager and controller for renowned organizations, including Lockheed Martin.

In 2012, Omuchei made a bold decision to leave his corporate job and embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

Drawing from the knowledge and expertise acquired from his previous roles, he founded Bay2Bay Freight, a business specializing in importing and distributing trucks and farm equipment from Japan.

Although running the business posed its challenges, including driver management and ensuring timely deliveries, Omuchei’s determination and resilience allowed him to overcome them.

Community Empowerment and Philanthropy

Despite his success, Omuchei never forgot his roots and the community that nurtured his dreams. Through Bay2Bay Freight, he initiated various community empowerment programs in his hometown of Kakamega.

Since 2019, these initiatives have focused on creating job opportunities, supporting local businesses, and providing mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs, instilling a sense of hope and possibility in the community.

Building a Computer Hub and Giving Back

Despite his success in the United States, Omuchei remains connected to his roots in Kakamega. He actively supports students from his hometown and contributes to three children’s homes in collaboration with a local church. His philanthropic endeavours aim to empower the community and provide opportunities for the next generation.

Recognizing the power of technology to drive progress, Omuchei embarked on a mission to bridge the digital divide in Kakamega. In 2021, his relentless efforts and collaborations bore fruit as the computer hub became a reality.

This hub provides access to technology, training, and educational resources, empowering individuals with the skills and tools necessary for success in the digital age.

Future Goals

Omuchei’s aspirations extend beyond his current achievements. He plans to establish a computer hub in Kakamega, providing students with access to technology-related studies and running a computer business.

His goal is to empower the youth and contribute to the technological advancement of his community.