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Career Paths Papa Shirandula Actors Took After The End Of The TV Show

Papa Shirandula was a popular Television comedy drama series that used to air every Thursdays on Citizen TV. For 13 years, the show kept Kenyans glued to their screens. The first episode aired in 2007 before the curtains fell in 2020 after the sudden death of the lead actor Charles Bukeko, who played Papa Shirandula.

Many Kenyans have always wondered what the talented actors are up to after the show came to an end. 

Worry no more because in this article, WoK brings you the hustles of former Papa Shirandula actors.

Wilbroda-Jacqueline Nyaminde

In the show Jacqueline Nyaminde alias Wilbroda played the role of Papa Shirandula’s wife. Currently, Nyaminde is breakfast radio show presenter at Milele Fm – a station owned by MediaMax limited. She co-hosts the show alongside the seasoned Alex Mwakideu after the exit of Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango in 2021.

She continues to act, sing and is a brand ambassador of Wild Aid program. She is also involved in philanthropic activities together with her fellow comedians whereby she sends support to the less fortunate through their charity organization.

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Njoro-Kenneth Gichoya

Kenneth Gichoya was the controversial and cheeky friend to Papa Shirandula who was always giving him the wrong advice. The actor invested in rental houses in Mutalia, along Kangundo road approximately 42 kilometers from Nairobi city center where he collects around Sh60,000 per month.

The 41 year old owns a bar, matatus and a hardware store in Ongata Rongai that is managed by his brother in law. During an interview with Dr. King’ori on the wicked show, Gichoya revealed that he owns rental houses in Ruai, Utawala, Joska and Kiserian.

Otoyo-Kazungu Matano

Kazungu Matano alias Captain Otoyo played Jalango’s brother in the show. Otoyo is remembered for his hilarious character and loud laughter that made many Kenyans fall in love with the show. He is currently a radio presenter at Milele FM – a station owned by MediaMax limited which is associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He is also a stand-up comedian and often appears at the popular Churchill Show while doubling up as a MC at weddings and events. In 2014, he hosted the Offside show that aired on NTV alongside his fellow Comedian Obinna.

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Awinja-Jacky Vike

Going by the stage name Awinja in Papa Shirandula, Awinja was among the most hilarious characters in the show. She played a role as a village housemaid at the house of Papa Shirandula and Wilbroda whereby she rib-cracked many with her luhya accent.

Awinja has maintained her acting role whereby she has been involved in various movies and series such as ‘Ni sisi’ and ‘Nairobi Half-life.’ She also runs her own YouTube channel which has over 133,000 subscribers and recently released a Valentines song title ‘Sio lazima’ that went viral and has garnered over 1.6 million views within 3 weeks of release.

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Jalango-Felix Odiwuor

Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as  Jalango, is arguably the most successful character of the Papa Shirandula actors. Immediately after exiting the sitcom, Jalango began his stint as a radio presenter co-hosting show at Kiss FM, Radio Maisha, Hot 96 Fm and Milele Fm. His last radio stint was at Kiss Fm – a station owned by Radio Africa Group. He however resigned in February 2022 to focus on his political ambition. He is now the Langata constituency parliamentary seat under an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket. The comedian also runs an events company known as Arena Media, a tours and travel company known as TrippyGo tours, runs a website known as JalangoTv.com and a YouTube channel that has over 546,000 subscribers.

Juma AndersonWilliam Juma

Juma Anderson was Papa Shirandula’s boss. He displayed a no-nonsense and strict character that often gave Papa Shirandula a tough time while at work. After the show came to an end, Juma continued with his acting career mostly in movies and local drama series.

He is also involved in screen and script writing for thespians. One of his notable projects is ‘Tit-for-tat’ – a play that was performed at the Louis Leakey Auditorium Museum Hill, in Nairobi.

Naliaka-Daisy Netia

Daisy Netia alias Naliaka was Papa Shirandula and Wilbroda’s onscreen daughter. She was the youngest actor in the popular show but her talent was not any less. After the closure of the show, Daisy embraced the online space starting a career in the digital content creation. She runs her own YouTube channel where she talks about her personal journey and topics surrounding friends, family and the crazy lifestyle of Nairobi city.

Mama Nyaguthii-Mary Adhiambo Airo

Mary Adhiambo Airo, going by the name Mama Nyaguthii in the show, is a woman who wore two hats. While still acting at the show, Airo was practicing law and had done so for 15 years before Papa requested her to join the show in 2007. After the curtains of the show were brought down in 2020, Airo picked up her legal career and continued practicing law.