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Claire Njuguna: How I Ended Up Becoming One of Kenya’s Leading Layer Cage Market Players

Chicken rearing has recently become one of the ventures that everyone wants to start and succeed in.

Such is the story of Claire Njuguna, who, despite starting from scratch, has become one of the leading figures in Kenya’s cage market through her business, Renray Layers Battery Cages.

In an interview with Wok, Claire revealed that her desire to enter the world of entrepreneurship began in 2014 when she was driven by the need to expand her chicken-rearing venture despite limited space and resources.

It was during this time that Claire discovered an innovative solution: housing chickens in layer cages, a concept relatively new to Kenya.

Undeterred by the unfamiliarity of this technology, Claire decided to import her first consignment of layer cages from China, using her savings for the initial investment.

This bold move marked a turning point not only for her own business but also for the Kenyan poultry industry.

As the consignment was on its way from China to Kenya, Claire made a bold move. She leveraged social media with photos of the layer cages to attract willing buyers.

To her surprise, the response was overwhelming, with many individuals inquiring and eager to purchase the cages.

“I didn’t have the money to clear the cages and had planned to take a loan for that. However, when customers started placing deposits, I got the funds to clear the cages. I then found a technician, and with the help of my supplier who sent a video on how to install them, we were able to install the cages for our customers,” Claire explained.

As demand grew, Claire realized that a significant number of her customers were referrals, a testament to the quality of her products and the trust she had built.

“I would say 90 percent of my customers are referrals because my cages are of good quality, and there’s a lot of trust in what I do,” she said.

Supported by her husband, Mr. Kinyanjui, Claire expanded her business model to provide comprehensive solutions for aspiring poultry farmers.

Recognizing that many lacked the knowledge and resources to start their ventures, she began offering contract farming services.

This included providing everything from cages to fully grown chickens ready to lay eggs, allowing customers to quickly start their businesses.

“Some customers want to rear chickens but don’t want to raise chicks. So, we provide a package where we rear the chicks for up to four months. When you buy a cage, you also get the chickens, which start laying eggs immediately,” Claire explained.

Rather than just selling cages, Claire ensures that her clients have access to markets for their produce through strategic partnerships with schools, supermarkets, and other outlets.

Additionally, she offers comprehensive guidance on cage usage and maintenance, empowering farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Claire’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LayersBatterycages?mibextid=ZbWKwL

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@renraypoultrysolutions?si=jJ16KXZK27eHwfbJ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renraylayerschickencages?igsh=MW84cG5jYmRjbXdlMQ==