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Collins Kibet Toroitich: The Troubled Life Of Controversial Grandson Of The Late President Moi

By Prudence Minayo

The late retired president Daniel arap Moi most notable grandson is Collins Kibet Toroitich, son of the late Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi. While it is not clear which job he does, Collins has definitely provided enough juice for the local tabloids. Undercover Africa described him as the jobless, alcoholic grandson of the late President Moi.

Court case

In January 2022, a Nairobi court allowed him to join his grandfather’s succession case to claim damages resulting from his alleged exclusion from his grandfather’s estate. The 45-year-old claimed that his grandfather’s wealth was worth over Sh300 billion and some assets were being hidden from the court. Collins accused Moi’s lawyer of concealing his properties and wanting to disinherit him. 

He is also fighting to be included as an administrator in the managing of his late father’s properties which are reportedly worth billions. The family had agreed that his stepmother and stepbrother, Sylvia and Clint would be the administrators. He has stated that he has not benefited from his father’s wealth despite being a dependent. 

Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi, his father, passed away in 2019 without leaving a will. Two women, Beatrice and Faith, are also fighting to benefit from his wealth saying they were also his wives 

Phone Theft

In 2016, Collins was brought before a Nakuru court over phone Theft allegations. The complainants were his daughter May Chelimo and a friend called Betty Chebet. The prosecution said that he had stolen the gadgets during a hotel dinner. The accused denied the allegations saying he had only confiscated the phones as a father before returning them later. He was released on a Sh20,000 bond and an out of court settlement was later reached. 

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Dumping Amario 

In January 2019, he made headlines for dating and dumping Marsha Amario, daughter of late wine maker, Fai Amario. The two met while he was undergoing treatment for alcoholism. He moved into her Lavington apartment and she soon found herself footing the bills and advancing him soft loans never to be repaid. Things took a turn for the worst when he took her to celebrate her 30th birthday at Skynest Hotel on 29th December 2018. Collins reportedly used over Sh100,000 but sneaked out leaving it up to Marsha to foot the bill. She ended up at the police station before being able to pay the bill. 

There are also claims that he once assaulted her. 

“I think I withstood all this because I have been rejected by my family. I was afraid of being alone so I took all the abuse,” said Marsha who is an epileptic. 

Child support 

In 2021, he was accused of neglecting his two children aged 11 and 9. According to court documents, Ms. Tagi said the two parted ways in 2012 and Collins failed to support the children. The mother said she had tried to reach him through all avenues in vain. She said that despite Collins being a man of means, he had failed to take responsibility for the children. She was seeking a monthly Sh1 million to cater for the kids’ food, rent, education, maintenance and entertainment. Jeruto unsuccessfully vied for the Koibatek ward MCA position in 2017 via a KANU ticket. 

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The court demanded DNA test to determine paternity after Collins questioned fathering the children. Tagi claims to have shown up at the Lancet laboratories but the accused never bothered to show up for the test as planned. He was accused of contempt of court. He was summoned to appear before the court on 13th July. 

Responding to the court later, Collins Kibet Toroitich said that he was broke after losing his business and being diagnosed with depression. He added that he was unable to pay child support as he was relying on goodwill from friends and relatives to get by. 

Unpaid rent 

In February 2022, Business Daily announced that he had been kicked out of his residences over arrears amounting to Sh240,000. Collins explained to the Milimani High courts that he had been kicked out and had no money or means to support himself and his family. Collins Kibet Toroitich added that he was being excluded from his father’s estate and accused Sylvia of mismanagement of the wealth.