Contractors Behind Footbridges In Nairobi And Their Cost

By Isaac Blessings

Footbridges in Nairobi have immensely contributed to the reduction of road accidents caused by pedestrians and cyclists crossing the busy highways. In recent years Nairobi has seen an increase in flyovers and footbridges in almost every major shopping Center located along a busy road or highway. It’s also worth noting that Kenya has the most expensive footbridge in the world.

Here is a list of contractors behind footbridges in Nairobi and their cost. 

Weitethie and Mangu Footbridges

These two footbridges were constructed by Interways Works Limited back in August 2018. The footbridges which are located along the Thika Super-highway help the residents of Weitethie and students of Mangu High school to easily cross from one side of the busy highway to the other. The two footbridges cost the taxpayer a whopping Sh430 million.

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Garden City and Survey Footbridges

The two footbridges were constructed in May 2018 by Fourway Construction Limited. They are located along the Thika Super Highway and help the residents of Survey as well as Kenyans crossing over for shopping at the magnificent Garden City Mall. Upon completion of the two footbridges, Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) removed all safety bumps installed in the two locations to speed up traffic flow as well as enhance the safety of pedestrians. The two foot bridges were constructed at a cost of Sh390 million.

T-mall and Mbagathi Way Footbridges

The controversial T-mall and Mbagathi Way footbridges are expected to be finally completed in 2024. The footbridges are considered to be the most expensive footbridges in the world costing the Kenyan taxpayer Sh3 billion. The project includes constructing a four lane flyover on Langata road and a footbridge along Mbagathi Way. It is expected to facilitate motorists and pedestrians headed to Rongai and Magadi to cross the road at Shell petrol station while those headed to South C, Mbagathi Way and Wilson Airport will pass via the underpass to reduce the busy traffic along Langata Road. The project is being undertaken under a Public -Private Partnership between the government of Kenya and the Spanish government. The company working on the project is known as Mls CENTURION Española de Coordinación Técnica Y Financiera, S.A of Spain.

It is important to note that Mbagathi Way was recently changed to Raila Odinga Way.

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Mlolongo and Imara Daima Footbridges

These two footbridges that were constructed between 2009 and 2015 at a cost of 190 million shillings are expected to be demolished and transferred to other places to pave way for the construction of the Nairobi Expressway. The pedestrian footbridges are located in Mlolongo Shopping Centre and Imara Daima near Libra house. According to KeNHA Director-General Peter Mundinia, the footbridge at Mlolongo will be relocated to Mulleys Supermarket off Airport North Road while the Imara Daima footbridge will be transferred to the ASL Packaging on Tecla Lorupe Road.

General Motors and Westlands Footbridges

These two footbridges were also constructed between 2009 and 2015 at a cost of Sh190 million. The General Motors footbridge is located on Enterprise Road while the Westlands one is situated near St Mark’s Church in Westlands along Waiyaki way. The KeNHA Director-General also stated that the two footbridges will be relocated to other parts of Nairobi to allow the easy construction of the much awaited Nairobi Expressway. The St Marks church footbridge will be shifted to Dunhill towers along Waiyaki way and the General motors one will find its new place along Enterprise Road.

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Kenyatta University Footbridge

The Kenyatta University footbridge is a 100 meter long bridge making it the longest footbridge in Kenya. It was first opened and commissioned by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) in July 2021. The bridge facilitates easy movement of Students crossing from the university gate to the Nyayo hostels thereby decreasing the number of accidents in the busy Thika Superhighway. The bridge will also serve athletes and fans that will be crossing to and from the Kasarani International Stadium. The footbridge cost the taxpayer Sh200 million.

Bellevue Footbridge

The Bellevue footbridge is located in South C along the Mombasa highway. The footbridge was expected to be demolished to pave way for the Nairobi expressway but the China Roads and Bridges Company (CRBC) saved it after erecting beams for the expressway to pass above the footbridge. The place is usually busy and the sparing of the footbridge was a relief to many since pedestrians can now safely cross the busy highway by passing underneath the Expressway. The footbridge was constructed at a cost of Sh177 million.

Ngong Road Footbridges

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) in Conjunction with the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) are constructing three footbridges along Ngong Road. The footbridges are situated at the Kenyatta National Hospital gate, at the St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church and at the Kenya Science Teachers College near Junction mall. The footbridges are projected to immensely help patients, students and other pedestrians to cross to their various destinations. The construction of the three footbridges is done at a total cost of Sh241 million.