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Costs and Requirements of Joining Super Metro as a Matatu Owner

Super Metro is one of Kenya’s leading bus companies that provides reliable and comfortable airport shuttle and public transportation services.

The company was founded in 2013 by three entrepreneurs who wanted to bring more corporate governance and professionalism to the chaotic matatu industry.

The company started with just 8 buses but has since grown to over 500 buses in its fleet, with focus on providing excellent service and consistency to build a trusted brand.

Super Metro operate on various routes in Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado and Machakos counties.

Recently, a list of requirements for investors who would wish to join Super Metro has been going viral on social media.

According to the list, an investor will have to fork out Ksh 5,000 for joining the Sacco and an additional Ksh 10,000 share capital – money that the company raises by issuing shares of common or preferred stock.

Ksh 50,000 entrance fee (self-financing) and Ksh 100,000 entrance fee (facilitated by the company) is also among the prerequisites for joining Super Metro.

An investor should also raise a deposit which is equivalent to 30% cost of the business, currently between Ksh 1,956,000 and Ksh 6,520,000.

While the loan repayment period is 48 months, Super Metro states that a loan monthly installment of Ksh 120,000 must be repaid by 30th of every month through the bus’ account.

An investor will also pay a processing fee of 1% which is equivalent to Ksh 65,200, a debenture fee of Ksh 20,000 and comprehensive insurance that cost Ksh 55,000.

Other requirements are 3rd party insurance, a tracking device and TLB that will cost Ksh 15,000, Ksh 25,000 and Ksh 4,500 respectively.

Investors will also pay a monthly seasonal fee of Ksh 13,880 for three counties, Nairobi, Kajiado and Machakos, where Super Metro operates.

Lastly, an investor is expected to provide a qualified driver and conductor.