Female Muslim Celebrities In Kenya Who Look Stunning And Decent In Hijabs

Kenya female celebrities who profess the Islamic faith always step out looking amazing, stylish and decent in their outfits. They have taught us that you don’t have to show acres of flesh to attract a viewership like is the norm with most female media personalities.

Below is a list of well known female celebrities who ooze talent and wow us with their fashion sense in hijabs. 

Lulu Khadija Hassan

Decently Dressed Female Muslim Celebrities In Kenya 
Lulu Hassan Is Always Dressed Decently Image/Courtesy

Lulu Hassan is the legendary Citizen TV Presenter who presents the 7:00 p.m news alongside her husband Rashid Abdallah. Not only is she blessed with brains but she also has a wonderful sense of style. Her fashion style is just superb as she always adorns herself in the most exquisite Islamic attires. 

Yasmin Said

Decently Dressed Female Muslim Celebrities In Kenya 
Yasmin Said One Of The Most Celebrated Actors In Kenya Image/Courtesy

Yasmin Said came into the limelight after being the main cast in the Citizen TV drama series Maria. She played the role of a young girl from the hood who at first did not know how to dress and act like a lady. Maria’s fashion sense is amazing even if she does not stick to Islamic clothes only. 

Nasra Yusuf

Nasra Yusuf Style Is Respectful Yet Stylish Image/Courtesy

Nasra is the famous Churchill show comedian whose jokes and way of delivery is way up there. She is the very first female Somali comedian to make an appearance on the show and is a source of inspiration to so many. The comedian recently got married to the love of her life Director Rashid. The funny lady always steps out looking amazing in her Islamic attires. Her stunning wardrobe is simple yet sophisticated.

Amina Abdi Rabar

Amina Abdi Rabar
She looks good in hijab image/Courtesy

Amina Abdi Rabar is the gorgeous presenter of the popular nTV show, the Trend. She is a bubbly presenter with an amazing voice and an infectious smile. Her sense of style can be defined as bold and full of life. She is not afraid to step away from the traditional norms of dressing. Of course, some of her styles have attracted a number of hateful comments on social media but she pressed on. In most cases, she dresses in modern and very daring outfits. 


Female Muslim Celebrities In Kenya Who Look Stunning And Decent In Hijabs
Amira Looking Stunning as always Image/Courtesy

Amira is the beautiful first wife of Jamal Roho Safi. The two met back in 2006 while they were still in high school and together they have two sons. However, things changed when Jamal married socialite Amber Ray without informing his first wife and she had to learn through social media. Away from all this, Amira is a gorgeous lady who dresses in stylish Islamic clothes that suit her very well. 

Amina Chao

Amina is the stylish and beautiful wife to celebrated comedian, show host and radio presenter Jalang’o. She is an alumni of United States International University (USIU) and has close to zero social media presence. She stays as far away from social media and does not post pictures from time to time like many celebrity wives do. However, one thing that is for sure is that she has a tasteful fashion sense from the few pictures that surface online from time to time. 

Jamila Mohammed

Female Muslim Celebrities In Kenya Who Look Stunning And Decent In Hijabs
Jamila Left NTV For Citizen TV Image/Courtesy

Jamila Mohammed works for Citizen TV where she anchors the 7p.m. Swahili news. Apart from being a news anchor, she works as managing editor for the Swahili news desk. She worked for Nation Media Group for a while before moving to Royal Media Services. The mother of 5 is always stylish and sticks to attires represent her faith.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Female Muslim Celebrities In Kenya Who Look Stunning And Decent In Hijabs
Mwanaisha Image/Courtesy

She presented Swahili news at K24 for quite sometime before being let go by Mediamax. She is the wife of former Member of Parliament Danson Mungatana and has always been protective of her husband no matter his many predicaments. 

Mwanahamisi Hamadi

Mwanahamisi Hamadi Image/Courtesy

With over ten years of experience, she is definitely one of the best Swahili news presenters and producers. She has also hosted a number of shows including Siha na Maumbile and Mwanamke Bomba. Hamadi always steps out looking amazing in her outfits which are majorly Islamic attires.