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Dipak Bhatti: Kenyan Investor Who Turned Ksh 100,000 Capital Into A Multimillion-Shilling Pharmaceutical Empire

In the bustling heart of Nairobi, along Mombasa Road, sits a beacon of hope and innovation in the field of healthcare – Syner-Med Pharmaceutical Limited, under the visionary leadership of Dipak Bhatti.

Here is his story as told by WOK

Fifteen years ago, armed with a mere Sh100,000 and fueled by his fervor to offer efficient and affordable pharmaceutical solutions, Bhatti embarked on a journey that would transform not just his life, but also the healthcare landscape in Kenya.

“I started off in 1997 armed only with the passion to offer efficient and affordable pharmaceutical solutions,” Mr Bhatti said.

His motivation stemmed from a deep-seated belief in the fundamental right to quality healthcare and a strong aversion to the proliferation of counterfeit drugs in the market.

“I had witnessed firms engage in dubious practices of manufacturing counterfeits, and I decided to set up a company with a unique model that recognizes respect for human dignity,” Bhatti recalled.

Underpinning his business philosophy is the principle that services should not merely be adequate but splendid.

In the corridors of Syner-Med, clients are not just customers; they are partners in a shared journey towards better health.

The company’s unique approach includes a comprehensive learning model, ensuring that clients understand how to use healthcare products effectively, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.

Syner-Med Pharmaceutical Limited’s success story is not just confined within the walls of the company but resonates across the healthcare sector in Kenya.

Its products, approved for quality by the Ministry of Health and other relevant agencies, have found their way into the most esteemed institutions, including Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya Medical Suppliers Association, Moi Referral Hospital, and Aga Khan Hospital, among others.

Bhatti’s success can be attributed not only to his business acumen but also to his deep-rooted love for Kenya, a sentiment that dates back to his childhood when his father worked for Kenya Airways.

“The suburbs were friendly and inevitably gave me the premonition that the ‘coast’ was very clear for me to invest in future,” he said. Though he studied business and marketing at university, Mr Bhatti quickly realised that there was money to be made in helping people overcome their daily challenges.

This affection for the country, coupled with a vibrant technology sector and significant progress in areas such as freedom of expression, has solidified his belief that Kenya is the best place to do business in East Africa.

Under Bhatti’s stewardship, Syner-Med Pharmaceutical Limited has not only excelled in the business realm but has also become a bastion of social responsibility.

“We have made good progress, the awards we have won testify to the trust we have won among our customers not only in Kenya but across the globe. Our company is ISO certified for the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products and finished among the Top100 hundred mid-sized companies last year,” he said.

The company sponsors bright students, constructs schools to improve access to quality education, and runs mentorship programs for individuals pursuing pharmaceutical courses in universities.

According to Mr. Bhatti, the program has yielded positive results, with many recipients successfully applying their knowledge and skills.

Despite leading a multimillion-shilling enterprise, he remains remarkably humble.