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Dr Cassypool Biography, Real Name, Education And Spouse

Dr Cassypool, born Kevin Odhiambo in 1985 in Kakamega County, is a renowned Kenyan actor and entertainer.

He spent his early years in Milimani Estate in Kakamega.

However, his family later returned to their homeland in Kasipul Kabondo due to financial hardships.

Here is his story as told by WoK

Early Life and Education

Despite the challenges he faced in his younger age, Dr Cassypool’s (not a professional doctor) determination and talent shone through.

He attended Star Academy in Mumias for his early education but was eventually transferred to a local school in Kabondo Kassipul. It was during this time that he studied at Njura Primary School.

After completing his secondary education, Dr Cassypool decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He made his way to Nairobi, specifically to the Kagemi area, where he began his journey as an actor.

In an interview with Eve Mumbai, he revealed that he started as a house help before his talent caught the attention of others in the industry.

Dr Cassypool’s breakthrough in the entertainment industry came with the help of influential individuals, including Kitutu Chache MP Anthony Kibagendi.

He had the opportunity to work closely with Kibagendi, portraying the role of his driver.

Through Kibagendi’s support, Cassypool also ran in the Kabondo Kasipul election during the 2007 elections.

However, despite his efforts, he did not win and ended up securing the fourth position without actively campaigning or putting up any campaign posters.


During a previous interview, Cassypool revealed that he is a proud father without specifying the exact number of children he has.

His eldest child is currently 19 years old as of 2023.

Additionally, Cassypool confirmed that he is happily married to one wife.

Clout Chasing allegations

A YouTube interview featuring the  prominent supporter of President William Ruto, took a chaotic turn when KRG The Don unexpectedly appeared.

The exchange quickly became heated as KRG interrupted and engaged in a verbal spat with Cassypool.

Cassypool maintained that KRG’s music lacked popularity among Kenyans, to which KRG responded with insults and refused to reciprocate greetings.

The disagreement escalated further as they challenged each other’s influence and popularity, with Cassypool questioning KRG’s recognition.

The situation became messy when KRG accused Cassypool of poverty and hunger, offering him money and touching his beard. Tempers flared, physical confrontation ensued, but those present intervened to prevent further escalation.

Several netizen however believe the incident was stage-managed.


In multiple interviews, Cassypool has chosen not to disclose his exact net worth.

However, he has hinted at having amassed a considerable fortune, with millions to his name.

He claims to have generously sponsored several artists within the Kenyan music industry.