Edwin Colvin: My Girlfriend Dumped Me After Donating My Kidney To Her Mother

Edwin Colvin and his ex-girlfriend had dated for three months when her mother fell ill and required a kidney transplant.

Somehow, it appeared that the 23-year-old was a perfect match and out of love that he had for his soon to be mother-in-law, he gave up his kidney.

After a successful transplant, his ex-girlfriend told him that they could not continue with their relationship because she was in another relationship with a man who was in the US.

Here is Edwin’s story as told by WoK.


Also known as Blue Tiger, Edwin Colvin is a Hip Hop artiste and a music producer.

He met his ex-girlfriend in 2020 while working at a local driving school when he had just completed high school.

The lady in question was a student at the driving school where Edwin was an instructor.

“We knew each other for a few weeks before we started dating… Although she was about four years older than me, I didn’t mind, he said.

In a sit-down interview with TUKO, Edwin said that the lady was the first one to show affection and admit her love for him.

He notes that he said yes to the proposal since it was rare for a woman to admit their love for someone.

They kicked off their relationship and a while later, the girlfriend told Edwin that her mother was sick and she had been in hospital for five months.

“As a supportive boyfriend, I visited her mother to the hospital although all this time I was not aware of what illness she was suffering from,” he said.

While at the hospital, the doctor was conducting a test to identify the best kidney donor and after consulting with Edwin, the doctor suggested that he undergoes a test.

All the relatives were not matching.

“I was confident while taking the tests because I assumed that because we were not related, then I would not match the mother

“A few minutes later, the doctor came to the ward and said they had finally gotten a match… The girl walked me out and asked me to donate the kidney to her mother,” he narrated.

He noted that he was offered money totaling to Ksh 8 million by the family before the operation but he turned it down.

He stated that he didn’t want to hive an impression that he was doing it for money; he wanted it to seem like a genuine gesture.

While his parents were supposed to sign documents before the operation could happen, Edwin went against it and did it all by himself.

“I went back to the doctor and told her that no parent could allow such stuff to happen, I told the doctor that since I had an ID card, I was in a position to make my own decision. The doctor agreed to it and told me that it was all good as long as I sign the documents,” Edwin said.

The operation was scheduled two weeks after the doctor’s visit.

“I went for the surgery without telling anyone, I just left. The operation took eight hours and I happy to have made out safe and sound,” he said.

Edwin spent two weeks in the hospital after the operation and he was picked up by the girlfriend and her brother.

He was discharged from the hospital and the three drove to a mall for a cup of coffee.

“We got to the mall and had coffee and we converse and catching up shortly before she came up with a story that her boyfriend was back

“I thought I was the boyfriend that he was referring to but I was wrong, she told me that her boyfriend just landed and he was at the airport,” he said.

It was then when the lady said that she was already in a relationship by the time they met and they had been dating for over five years.

Edwin said he was dumped in the mall and asked to find his way home.

“I later called my ex-girlfriend about the issue and she explained that she loved me but she couldn’t dump her boyfriend for me

“She argued that she couldn’t dump her boyfriend of five years for someone that she has been with for a short time,” he stated.

He said that he was also called by the purported boyfriend and he had offered to dump the lady but she was reluctant.

Edwin was also transferred to a different station at his workplace due to absenteeism.

When he visited his ex-girlfriend’s mother a while later, the mother said that she was aware that such thing would happen and so it was why they had offered money.

“When I demanded the money, she refused to compensate me on grounds that she has spent most of it in hospital,” he said.

With no option of getting compensated and having his girl back, he slipped into depression and ended up trying to take his life more than once.