Evelyn Wanjiru: From 500 Bob Wedding Ring to 10 Years Pregnancy Wait: How Gospel Artiste Has Endured Tough Times

Wanjiru with her husband Agundabweni [Photo: Evelyn Wanjiru on Instagram]

Evelyn Wanjiru is a popular gospel singer who has been in the industry for over a decade. She is a resilient lady who has soaked in various life storms ranging from poverty, paralysis and a decade wait to get her first baby.  Together with her husband who doubles up as her producer, they have weathered tough storms to emerge as destiny shapers. WoK chronicle Evelyn Wanjiru’s biography and her inspirational narrative.


The singer is 33 years old. She was born on 6th May, 1989.

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She was born in Nairobi but was raised in Nakuru. Wanjiru is the fourth born in a family of 5. Unfortunately, her father passed on when she was still young and this necessitated that the mother take up the responsibility of raising the entire family. According to Wanjiru, the mother resorted to selling charcoal and hawking mahindi choma in order to fend for the family.

The gospel artiste is married to Agundabweni Akweyu who is a renowned producer behind a production and music label called Bwenieve. They met at a church event before going for a date which culminated in Akweyu proposing to marry her.

When my husband, a church mate then asked me for our first date, he was as blunt as they come. He told me to my face that he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but a wife,” she disclosed in a past interview with Standard.

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However, Wanjiru asked him to wait for four years to which he accepted. Having realized Wanjiru’s outstanding talent, he would then quit his profession as an analytical chemist for the sake of promoting her music career through video production.

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Humble Wedding; 75k budget and 500 bob rings

When Evelyn Wanjiru strongly emphasizes that no one should despise humble beginnings, she clearly understands where she came from. After the couple chose to walk down the aisle, they budgeted for a Ksh 300k occasion. However, they only managed to raise a quarter of that.

On the wedding day, Wanjiru had banked on a friend to lend them a car. However, the friend ‘ghosted’ on them as his phone remained switched off. To prevent things from careening off the rails, the groom’s father reached out to a church elder who offered his car.

The wedding was a low key event. In fact, Wanjiru’s dress had been borrowed while the couple could only afford rings worth 300 bob. The cost increased to 500 shillings when they asked the seller to engrave their names on the rings. The loverbirds couldn’t afford the luxury of going for a honeymoon as they silently walked back to and settled in Nakuru to figure out their next moves in life.

Ten Year Pregnancy Wait 

Together, Wanjiru and Akweyu formed the perfect couple as they worked like clock work to smash the glass ceiling. Through the gospel extravaganza called Praise Atmosphere, they have sojourned the planet and hosted high level shows.

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However, the couple have had to wait for a decade before they recently got blessed with a bouncing baby boy. It has been a difficult moment for them as Wanjiru recounts how it provoked her when people asked her about not having a child.

People don’t know how many times I had tried to have a baby. It hurt me,” she revealed.

It was during a tour in the US that Wanjiru realized she was getting moody and had weird cravings. Her acquaintances suggested that she had to do a pregnancy test. She then purchased two strips and decided to conduct the tests which confirmed an end to the wait.

“I checked: two pink lines. I was so shocked, I just fell down, I was shaking, shivering, tears flowing,” she said in a recent video posted on her YouTube channel.

Photo: YouTube snapgrab


An elated Wanjiru took a photo of the test to break the news to her husband through WhatsApp. He couldn’t believe it and asked her to take another test which confirmed the good news.

While revealing her baby bump, Wanjiru detailed the long wait was due to hormonal imbalances. She was grateful to God for fulfilling this miracle and even released a song titled ‘Asante.’ The baby was named Mshindi and was born at Komarock Modern Healthcare.

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