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Ex-Boda Boda Rider Tizian Savage: I Make Between Ksh80K To Ksh400K On Tik Tok Live

Tizian Savage gained fame on Tik Tok and went on to achieve massive success within a period of months. He went from being a boda boda rider to owning his own car in less than a year. 

Here is his story as told by WoK

The Beginning 

Born and raised in Nakuru, he worked as a boda boda rider. Most of his female clients always gushed about his looks.

This inspired him to create an account and call himself Cute Nduthi Guy. His followers would share his photos and not hide their admiration. Bloggers picked the cue and amplified his fame. 

Relationship with Chira 

This fame led to him bring approached by Chira. The duo began making videos together and they blew up even more. People even began to assume that they were dating but he maintained they were friends. Chira would often fuel this rumours. 

Known for his controversial remarks, Chira would talk about him at times negativity on live. People bought into this and made the videos trend.

Four months into their bromance, a video circulated of Tizian telling Chira that they were done.

He told his controversial friend that he be very successful if he stopped abusing people. He also faulted him for continuing to spread rumours that they were dating despite the fact that he was straight. He had begged him to stop the rumors but Chira had refused. 

In an interview with Presenter Kai, they seemed to have sorted out their issues. During the interview, he said that unlike his friend, he wasn’t willing to chase fame at any cost.

That is why he could not do some things. He also said Chira was nice but a difficult drunk who often got touchy making him feel uncomfortable. 

However, the two stopped making content together and he confirmed this while speaking to 2mbili. He said the two weren’t as tight because of Chira’s behaviour.

Money from Tik Tok and Purchasing a Car 

Through Tik Tok, Tizian has made considerable amounts of money. He revealed in the interview with Presenter Kai that at the time the least he had made from a Tik Tok live was Sh80,000. He also said the most he had made in a single live was Sh400,000. 

Speaking to 2mbili, he said he still owns his motorbike and will not want to sell it. It is the reason he has become successful.

He revealed he had bought his car a month ago but is not the kind of person to post about such things.

He paid for the car in instalments until he was able to complete it. The first thing he did after purchasing it was drive to Nakuru and pray for it with his family. 

Today, he goes live about four times a month. He also gifts some of his fans especially those he believes are struggling to make a living.