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From Humble Beginnings To Industry Dominance: The Story Of Wells Fargo Couriers Ltd  

Wells Fargo is a prominent figure in the Kenyan security and logistics sector. 

The company’s evolution from a modest office in Kaunda Street to becoming a significant player in the country’s security and courier industry is a testament to its resilience and growth. 

However, like any long-standing enterprise, Wells Fargo’s journey is marked by a combination of remarkable achievements and notable challenges.

This is the journey of Wells Fargo as told by WoK


Wells Fargo Limited was incorporated in 1977 to provide professional security services to banks and other financial institutions within Nairobi. 

In 2003, Fargo Courier, sister company to Wells Fargo Limited, was established to provide courier services to businesses and individuals. 

The company’s initial resources were 4 land cruisers, 6 motorbikes, and a handful of staff in their offices in Kaunda street. 

Yet, their dedication and commitment fueled rapid expansion, transforming Fargo Courier to a leading national courier service provider with over 4 000 permanent employees and a large network of over 100 branches, depots, and drop-off points countrywide.

In 2015, Fargo Courier launched its online shopping platform, Fargo Shopping. 

This platform allows customers to purchase products from a variety of vendors and have them delivered for free anywhere in Kenya.

According to Gray Cullen, the company’s director of Group Operations, the business quadrupled in size between 2012 and 2015. 

In 2016, Fargo Courier expanded its operations to Uganda, opening a branch in Kampala, and its success did not go unnoticed.

That year, the company won the Logistics Achiever Awards (LAA) in Supply Chain excellence. It also won the 2016 East Africa Frost and Sullivan Award for Growth excellence and leadership. 

The company’s growth was largely attributed to investing in the IT sector and utilizing solar devices in delivering its services. 

Problems such as poor roads and frequent power outages meant using mobile devices that operated using 3G networks and ran on solar power to enable better delivery to those areas. 

As a result, the company could boast over 95% overnight delivery, something most couriers could not provide. 

Currently, Fargo Courier is the largest courier services company in the country. 

“With a contract base of around 3,000 clients daily, we are currently handling around a million transactions a month and are fully aware that exponential growth is only possible with expanding into other countries. 

The objective is to offer a simple yet secure, end-to-end supply chain and logistics solution to all of our clients across Eastern and Central Africa.” said Cullen. 

He joined the company in May 2008 after spotting a growth opportunity in the Kenyan courier services space. 

Challenges and controversies

Amidst their successes, Wells Fargo has faced its fair share of turbulent times.

In 2022, the private security industry in Kenya was thrown into a frenzy when Wells Fargo, which had been operating in the country for more than 45 years and generated an annual turnover of sh 1.8 billion, found itself on the list of unauthorized private courier companies. 

Court papers showed that the company’s license operations had been pending for three years, and despite attempts to follow up with the PSRA, the company was not issued any and consequently proceeded to court. 

However, the high court denied their request, saying Wells Fargo did not go to court at the earliest opportunity and had instead waited for two years until they were alerted by customers´complaints. 

But that was not the end of their problems. 

In December 2022, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi exposed how an anonymous whistleblower had spoken out against Fargo Courier Limited for allegedly mistreating its workers. 

According to Nyakundi, an employee at the logistics firm wrote to him lamenting poor working conditions at the Nairobi branch. 

The source alleged that the staff had been intimidated into silence by the management, led by Richard Baudry, who was accused of pushing for profits at the expense of workers ´wellbeing. 

Drivers and escorts alleged that they had been forced to transport goods in unroadworthy vehicles, and anyone who dared complain was shown the door. 

To make matters worse, the allowances they received were hardly enough to sustain them for long distance trips. 

In 2015, a similar issue had emerged when over 50 workers of Wells Fargo paralyzed operations at the company’s headquarters in Nairobi after they went on strike demanding better salaries and better working conditions. 

But these two incidents can be compared to a fart in a hurricane when weighed against the company’s most recent controversy. 

According to Daily Nation, two Wells Fargo employees vanished with more than sh 94 million – in cash – which had been collected from Quick Mart supermarket. 

According to police reports, the two employees left Wells Fargo offices in South C on Monday Morning without police escort, headed for Family Bank Kenyatta Avenue Branch. 

Their vehicle was found dumped at Dafam area south C, next to the southern Bypass.

The matter is currently under investigation by security agencies. 

Moving Forward:

While the challenges faced by Wells Fargo are significant, the company’s history suggests an ability to adapt, innovate, and overcome hurdles. 

Acknowledging and addressing internal issues and reinforcing a commitment to its workforce will be pivotal in steering Wells Fargo back onto a path of sustainable growth and success.