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Ezra Toto: Security Guard Who Rose From Earning Ksh 6,000 Monthly To Opening His Own Security Firm, Employing Over 280 People

Meet Ezra Toto, a man who defied all odds to carve his own path to success. Born into a humble background in Trans Nzoia County, Ezra’s journey from hardship to triumph serves as an inspiring narrative for many young Kenyan dreamers.

Ezra Toto’s story begins with his unyielding commitment to education.

Despite facing financial challenges, he persevered, determined to climb the academic ladder all the way to the university. It was a relentless pursuit that would set the stage for his remarkable journey.

Upon completing his education and graduating in 2017, like countless other fresh graduates, Ezra embarked on the daunting task of seeking employment. Unfortunately, the job market did not favor him, and he found himself struggling to secure a position in his chosen field.

“My initial venture into the city after completing my education was marked by a naive belief that securing a job would be effortless. Reality struck hard, leading me to apply for a position in the security sector,” Ezra Said.

Faced with limited options, Ezra Toto made a life-altering decision. He took on the role of a security guard, working as a watchman to make ends meet.

His monthly earnings from this job amounted to a modest Ksh 6,000.

It was a humble beginning, but little did he know that this would be the first step in a remarkable journey towards entrepreneurship.

Ezra’s tenure as a security guard at SGA Security Services was marked by hard work and dedication.

He steadily climbed the ranks, progressing from a supervisor to a duty officer, branch manager, and eventually, a corporate sales manager.

His journey within the security industry was one of constant growth and development.

With unwavering determination, Ezra meticulously saved and invested, amassing the necessary capital to chase his entrepreneurial dreams.

In 2022, he took the bold step of starting his own venture, Sierra Security, with a starting capital of Ksh 350,000.

At its inception, the company employed just two guards.

“I took matters into my own hands and became my own employer, eventually hiring two guards to assist me. For three months, I worked alongside these two individuals, ensuring their dedication was rewarded with a monthly salary of Ksh 8000,” Toto revealed

Fast forward to today, and Sierra Security has burgeoned into a formidable entity, boasting a workforce of over 280 dedicated employees.

Sierra Security has established itself as a prominent player in the security industry, offering a wide array of services, including CCTV camera installation, electric fencing, and alarm installation.

The company’s pricing structure is flexible, tailored to the value of the secured assets and the size of the premises, with room for negotiation.

In addition to its core security services, Sierra Security also offers VIP Security services, making it a versatile one-stop solution for clients.