Fredrick Onyango: 28-Year-Old Builds Plane Despite Never Stepping In School

Fredrick Onyango PHOTO/Courtesy

Last week during the Azimio demonstrations, Fredrick Onyango sparked reactions after parading his aeroplane dubbed, Boeing 254, on the streets.

The move stirred mixed reactions with protesters swarming around aeroplane in a bid to get a glimpse of it.

Unknown to many, the 28-year-old father of four managed to build the aeroplane despite not going to school.

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Here is Onyango’s story as told by WoK.

Onyango was born in a dysfunctional family and when his parents divorced, he was forced to move to the streets.

At an early age, he went into the streets of Siaya, missing a chance to attend school as a result of the unexpected move.

Onyango grew in the streets of Siaya before moving to Nairobi later where he stayed in the streets for a while before being taken in by well-wishers.

“I did not even attend primary school. Or even nursery school. My parents separated when I was quite young and I was rendered a street kid

“I grew up partly in the streets of Siaya and then Nairobi where I met Pastor Obasinje and his wife Esther who took me in and treated me like their own child,” he said.

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While under the care of the care of his foster parents, he started building his first plane thanks to his interest in motoring.

Onyango started building the plane in 2010 and completed it five years later after which he sold it to his adopted father.

“He runs a school. After completing my first plane, I sold it to him. He gave me some cash which enabled me to survive as I embarked on my next project. The plane now serves a school where he is an administrator,” he said.

He embarked on other projects using money that he got from selling the aeroplane.

Among the projects that he is working on is the Boeing 254 which he has been building for a year and eight months.

In an interview with Citizen Digital, Onyango explained that it will take several more years before it can fly.

“The basic structure took me one year. And the bodywork has taken me eight months so far. There’s still a lot more that needs to be done – engine work, the wheels, the interior. I am optimistic that it will fly soon,” he said.

He noted that he gets financial help from among others his TikTok followers who provide donations from time to time.

“Fans send me money all the time. I have already spent Ksh 500,000 on this plane so far. All that money comes from my fans and their monetary support

“Random people from the streets support me too since I have painted out my number on my plane,” Onyango added.

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