Gavi makes a stellar debut in the Spanish National football team

Probably everybody already knows that Barcelona is having an extremely difficult season. There are constant talks about what will happen with the coaches of the squad, considering the bad financial and sporting shape the squad has endured recently. Yet, the loyalty of those who make a 1xBet login to place bets on Barcelona is unbreakable.

Yet, not everything seems to be so bad for the team, this is because there are some great young players coming from La Masia and breaking into the first team. This is the case with Gavi. So far, he has only played 8 matches at a professional level, yet, this was enough to convince the coach of the Spanish National football team, Luis Enrique, to call him to the squad. He made his debut in the 2-1 win against Italy.

With this, Gavi became the youngest player to ever play for the Spanish National squad, at only 17 years and 62 days. It should be remembered that at a junior level, he only played up to the U-18 level before joining the full international squad. This means that he didn’t even play yet for the U-20 and U-21 levels. An impressive record indeed. All of this will result in even more people making a login 1xBet, and placing their wagers on whichever match Gavi participates in.

How will the English Premier League look like after Newcastle’s take over

Takeovers are always a shocking thing to occur not only to the team being taken over, but also to all of those who are related to it in one way or another. This includes fans, managers, players, and so on. However, the tournament on which this team participates is also turned upside down. Certainly, now many people will download the 1xBet Kenya app in order to bet for Newcastle United after it has been taken over by the Saudi royal family.

Now one of the questions being asked is what will happen with the English Premier League as a competition after this occurrence. Right now, the biggest teams in the tournament are:

  • Manchester City;
  • Manchester United;
  • Chelsea;
  • Arsenal;
  • and Liverpool!

Manchester City, for example, was a squad constantly battling to stay in the Premier League each season, after they were finally taken over. After a few years of redesigning the team from scratch, and signing world-class players, now the team is one of the powerhouses of the world of football.

By following the trends of other squads that were taken over, Newcastle should follow a similar path. In other words, after being taken over, it is more than likely that Newcastle starts to work in signing new players and coaches. In the short term, this should result in them competing toe-to-toe with the other big squads for the Premier League glory. The Kenya app 1xBet is a great way to follow this competition.