Geoffrey Uugi: The 21 Year Old Alliance High Alumnus Who Owns Three Radio Stations

Born in the outskirts of Eldoret town in the early 2000s, Geoffrey Uugi or Dimorey as he is popularly known, had an eye for entrepreneurship and a passion for media. He joined Alliance High School for his high school education and later the Multimedia University of Kenya.

It was in his first year at Multimedia University that he landed a job at BIR Media group-a leading media consultancy and tech company and quickly rose the ranks to become the Head of innovation. He later left the agency and established his own media firm starting with Beatz Radio and later setting up one of Kenya’s biggest Radio stations Zoza Radio.

Birthing Zoza Radio

It was during his time at BIR media that he discovered that the media industry was changing and shifting from Analog broadcasting to Digital broadcasting with most people preferring to either stream live Radios or listen to podcasts as opposed to traditional FM radio, this encouraged him to immediately set up a podcast station whose success led to the birth of Zoza Radio which is now home to various artists as well as media personalities.

In an interview earlier this year, Geoffrey said that the young generation needs to take more risks when they are young and have a go at their dreams as they are still energetic and have the vigor in them “Take more risks when you are young, your older self will thank you for it” he said.


A few years ago, podcasting was an alien concept but has now emerged to be a flourishing industry in Kenya, most Kenyans now have access to smartphones and can easily access streaming sites such as Spotify making reaching listeners much easier.

On challenges podcasters are currently facing, the high cost of equipment tops the chart; Geoffrey Uugi however advises those who wish to venture into Podcasting to start small with the little equipment they can afford and grow over time.


Like any other startup, the business is bound to struggle in the first few months with high running costs and minimal earnings. However, with good strategies and persistence, brands start coming through and money eventually starts flowing in.

It is a tough industry for people who lack patience as it takes time to be visible and to command a listening base. On what it takes to venture into the industry, the high cost of equipment is enough to scare one away, this comes hand in hand with the cost of hiring skilled manpower to maintain and run the equipment as well as the costs of licenses which are really high in Kenya, with time however the costs get lesser and lesser as income starts flowing.

Zoza radio is found on all streaming platforms and was recently listed on Radio Garden. He also owns Beatz Republick and Radio Horizon.


Geoffrey Uugi wants to trailblaze a generation of podcasters who use the internet and the airwaves to discuss issues affecting them. He plans on launching more podcasting stations to encourage the youth. He recently launched a music recording studio in Ongata Rongai to nurture young talents and says more of this will come with time.

The entrepeneur sees a future where Kenya will lead Africa in educative media and a fifth estate that not only entertains but also nurtures. He encourages more Young people to venture into startups and the business world saying it holds the key to solving some of the country’s major problems.