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‘Jowie’ Joseph Irungu Biography, Education, Career, Arrest, Song and Relationship

By Prudence Minayo

In 2018, a 28 -year-old businessman Monica Kimani was found dead in her bathtub after her brother George Kimani, with the help of neighbors, broke into her apartment after failing to reach her. Her neck was slit, her mouth taped shut, her hands tied at the back and her feet were also bound. This is how most Kenyans will come to know of Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie who was accused of the gruesome murder. Suddenly, he was plunged into the limelight with many media outlets reporting news of his arrest after he was linked with the murder of the businesswoman. It became even more interesting when Jackie Maribe, who was then a top news anchor at Citizen TV was arrested in connection with the killing. 

This article takes you through some information about Jowie Irungu. 


Joseph Kuria Irungu was a student at Langa Langa Secondary School in Nakuru Town. He was a tiny student who was very cheeky. While he was in Form Two, the dashing Jowie was dating a Form Four girl-which earned him celebrity status in the school.


Jowie is 30 years old.


Not much is known about Jowie Irungu but he has previously stated he worked in the military, a job that enabled him to travel around the world. According to reports appearing on leading media outlets, Jowie might have worked for atleast two military contract companies in Afghanistan and Iraq. The companies mentioned by the Daily Nation on October 03, 2018 include KBR-a US deconstruction and private security firm and O’Gara Group. An acquaintance of Mr Irungu told the same publication that the party animal turned gospel singer worked as a professional bouncer in the Middle East;

'Jowie' Joseph Irungu Biography, Career, Arrest, Release, Song and Relationship
Joseph Irungu Image/Kenyans

 “I have known him for more than 10 years…….We all knew he was working as a professional bouncer in the Middle East but did not go beyond that,” the friend told the Daily Nation. He went on to say that Irungu was always moneyed. 

Jowie reportedly told friends and neighbors that he was employed at State House Nairobi.

Jowie reportedly told friends and neighbors that he was employed at State House Nairobi.

Before his notoriety, Jowie was a band member in Nakuru town where he was brought up. The band entertained revellers in Naivasha and Nakuru towns. He was a founding member of Agape Stormers where he was the lead vocalist and an instrumentalist. A friend who was interviewed by the Daily Nation said Jowie was “an inspiring singer. At Agape Church in Pangani Estate, off the busy Kanu Street in Nakuru Town…”

Murder case

On 25th September 2018, Jowie was arrested and charged with the murder of Monica Kimani. This was followed by a court battle where witnesses testified and evidence was presented. Jowie remained in custody throughout the process and on two occasions sought bail but was denied. On the other hand, Jackie Maribe who was also accused alongside Jowie was released on bond.

Life in prison was not easy as he was kept in solitary confinement. According to Nairobi News, his parents would travel from Nakuru county to Kamiti Maximum Prison to visit him and they could only be allowed to see him for 10 minutes. 

In an article by Capital FM, he revealed he was among the nine prisoners that were in solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is very lonely. Instead of being taken to the hospital a medic comes to check on you, if one wants a book then you make an application and get the book only after approval. It was definitely not a good place for most people.

After being denied bail, his friends including former Capital FM producer and Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino Called for his release. The legislator said the judiciary was being unfair and used by the powerful while the poor are denied justice. 


Irungu’s stars finally aligned and on Thursday, 13th February 2020, he was released on a Ksh2 million bail and told not to discuss the matters pertaining the case while outside. 


He came back a different person who now puts God at the centre of everything. Recently, he released a gospel song named ‘Nishikilie’ (Hold Me) on his YouTube channel which has garnered a sizeable number of subscribers and views. He said he did not do it to get views but to touch even one person then so be it. In different interviews with Lynne Ngugi and Massawe Japanni, he stated that he is a conscious musician. According to him, he has learnt that there is nothing like friends. He says he has no friends and he has made peace with that. It was his family that held him when all things fell apart and he loves them so much.

His singing prowess is in no doubt if multiple accounts by those who know him are anything to go by:

”He was such an amazing young man who was musically correct and with superb vocals. I was shocked when I saw his photograph in the newspapers as the main suspect of the murder of a girl in Kilimani,” a neighbor told the Daily Nation

This is among the money positive reviews given about Irungu before he was entangled in the murder of Monicah.


Weeks before things went downhill, he had proposed to former Citizen TV political news anchor, Jackie Maribe. The two broke up during his incarceration but there is no bad blood between them. The separation was mutual and he even encourages fans to support Jackie Maribe by subscribing to her YouTube channel and watching the videos.

Joseph has also stated that he has a wife, Eleanor Musangi who is a model and mother of one daughter who is also Jowie’s. The adorable daughter appeared on the video of the song ‘Nishikilie.’