How I Ended Up Making Millions In Content Creation, Story Of Murugi Munyi

Murugi Munyi is a digital content creator and host of award-winning podcast The Messy Inbetween.

The mother of three is also the owner of Wild By Murugi, a clothing, accessories and handbag store located in Gitanga Road.

In this article, WoK looks at how she got in the content creation space, her rise to the top and how she is making money out of it.


Murugi is the second-born child, and grew up in a family of six; her parents and three siblings.

She attended Makini School for her primary school education and proceeded to Brookhouse International School where he studied under a scholarship.

Murugi later joined St Mary’s School where she undertook her International Baccalaureate (IB), a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum for students aged between 16 – 21.

She the joined USIU-Africa where she pursued International Relations and cleared in 2012 before heading to the University of Cape Town.

At the University of Cape Town, she did a postgraduate degree in Justice and Transformation.

“I wanted to work for organizations such as USAID and UN but then I realized these jobs are not always available

“I looked for opportunities but most of these organizations either they want you to be on internship or you’re earning low for your entry levels,” Murugi explained.

With a child to take care of, Murugi managed to secure a job with a tobacco company, and worked in the communications department.

“I really didn’t know that I was passionate about communications but somehow the person who was hiring me pointed out that I was good in communicating,” she said.

She worked at the tobacco firm for a while before moving to a PR agency and later a betting company where she also worked in the communications department.

Murugi later moved to a pharmaceutical firm where she was hired as the head of marketing.

It was also around the same time when she kicked off her content creation career after noticing that there were no local creators doing content on motherhood.

“I didn’t know anything and I was struggling to find content creators in Kenya who are mothers and openly share about the struggles to do with motherhood

“I decided to do it myself so that if there’s a mother out there who is going through the same things would be following up and get help,” she said.

In November 2018, Murugi quit her job after realizing the potential of content creation.

“It has been fantastic, my platform has grown, I’ve been working with so many brands that I believe in and I’m glad that it paid off,” she explained.

She has been doing social media influencing and content creation since 2018 on a full-time basis.

In 2021, Murugi noted that she joined hands with a friend, Lydia Mukami, to start The Messy Inbetween podcast.

The podcast boasts a subscription base of over 95,000 on YouTube with over 7 million cumulative views.

Murugi also established her business, Wild By Murugi, in 2021. She sells clothes, accessories and handbags.

“I’ve always loved fashion, specifically plus-size fashion. People would see what I wear and I’d refer them to a specific brand but I decided to start my own place where people can come and shop,” she stated.